What If You Could Earn A Hefty Income, And Love What You Do Each Day?

This website will help you hone the skills you need to create the business, income and lifestyle you want.

Hey... I'm Dave

Back In 2009, I decided to quit the secure job that wasn't making me happy, and start a small online business, providing website and digital marketing services from my laptop.

I had no money, no help, and no business experience to fall back on.

Today, this online business allows me to work from anywhere, travel the world anytime, and make a great living while living life on my own terms.

I created this website to share with you exactly how I did it, and how you can do it, too.

Because its waaayyyy Easier Than You Think!

My Boss Thought I Was Totally Nuts &Couldn't Understand Why I Wanted To Quit

It all started with a juicy rumour, about me.

It all started when a few of my friends heard I'm making a great living by working from my laptop, and decided to try some of my tricks.

I guess it worked pretty well for them, because they told their friends, who told their friends, and before I knew it... I got a ton of DMs asking me for advice.

I couldn't find the time to respond to everybody, and so this website was born.

What's in here that keeps everyone talking?

Between the pages of this website you'll discover everything I learned from quitting my 9-5 and building 3 profitable internet-businesses from scratch, using nothing but my laptop+wifi......

and while living my dream lifestyle - exploring exotic countries all around the world.

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The First Thing You will Need To Do is Get Hosting & An Autoresponder From The Products  Page

Lets take things one stage further and show you, right here on this page, exactly how you can be your own boss,  working with your own business, which quite literally reaches out to the world

You are going to be shown, in the steps that follow, exactly how to set up the tools

you will need,  in the most exciting industry in the world

Direct Response Affiliate Marketing

Ready for that?… We shall begin in a second, but first,  Its very important that you realise this …

With Affiliate Marketing, you have two choices…

The first choice is …

You can be an Affiliate Only working for a company, whose products or services you like and believe in, so effectively, you are a self employed company rep, working for commission only, which is determined by the hours you work.

The one downside to this is, that just like in the ‘real world’ if the company goes under…  your income goes with it

The Second choice is this …

You start your own business.

Building your own list and have a self hosted blog on a domain you own.

Let’s look a little bit more at those two parts

List Building…

Building your list, needs to be easy and as you saw on my about me page.

I use This system to build my list.

It is proven over time. You can find out more about it here

Then you will need Traffic


Without Traffic you will get no income. Traffic Brings you customers

Customers pay you

You may also read that lots of people use traffic exchanges, which do work well and others use things like safelists, which put good numbers of people on to your list

Now there is nothing wrong with using traffic exchanges or safelists because they work.

However, the quality of the traffic your receive is low grade.

To be very very successful online, you need Premium Traffic

Not Just Premium traffic, but, Premium Buyer Traffic

Which is why This system works very well

It brings you the prospects you want to work with.

You can also find  about it here

The other major benefit is that it is yours . You Own it and it pays very nice commissions

The last thing you will need is an 


Now there are a stack on the market, such as AweberGet Response and Mailchimp

They are good in their own right, and pay you for referrals.Which is nice

However, Mailchimp is difficult to use and is not that keen on the online affiliate marketing sector

So you need one that is geared for that market place  and …

Has a structure to it that pays you an income

Which is why this fits the bill perfectly 

You can also read more about it here

Now lets look at the second thing  you will own online & that is

Your Blog

You need to have a self hosted WordPress Blog, hosted on a domain you own, on a reputable platform.

A good reputable platform is one like This which is also what my recommendation for hosting.

That platform, should provide you with excellent training, first class support and pays you well. It is Your Business, You are in Control of it and everything associate with it

Now, having experienced both ways of earning income, it is my firm belief, that being a Blog Owner, with a domain you own and being your own boss, is very definitely better than …

Working for someone else in a


Or …

Being an Affiliate Only online, which is fraught with difficulties, when you make the wrong choice of hosting companies

Equally, There are two categories you can choose to work in online

Low Ticket or

High Ticket and Low Ticket

With Low Ticket commissions you will be working twice as hard

This defeats all the objectives of working online, which you choose to do

Because you want to work for yourself. You are becoming the


As such you want to be earning CEO Income. So there is only one place to work

The High Ticket Commission Niche

Blog Business, that has first class support training and pays you well

Ready to build your first list?, okay lets get started

This is crucial to your success online. Simply Put…

No List = No Income = No Financial Freedom.

So that covered,click the button below to learn how to build your list

Discover How To Convert 100% Of Your Website Visitors.