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Lets take things one stage further and show you, right here on this page, exactly how you can be your own boss,  working with your own business, which quite literally reaches out to the world


You are going to be shown, in the steps that follow, exactly how to set up your own Blog, just like this one, in the most exciting industry in the world

Direct Response Affiliate Marketing

Ready for that?… We shall begin in a second, but first,  Its very important that you realise this …


With Affiliate Marketing, you have two choices…


The first choice is …


You can be an Affiliate Only working for a company, whose products or services you like and believe in, so effectively, you are a self employed company rep, working for commission only, which is determined by the hours you work.


The one downside to this is, that just like in the ‘real world’ if the company goes under…  your income goes with it


The Second choice is this …


You start your own business.


Building your own list and have a self hosted blog on a domain you own.Let’s look a little bit more at those two parts


Building your list, needs to be easy and as you saw on my about me page, I use This marketing system to build my list.

It is proven over time and in the reviews section, you can find out more about it


You may also read that lots of people use traffic exchanges, which do work well and others use things like safelists, which put good numbers of people on to your list

Now there is nothing wrong with using traffic exchanges or safelists, because they do work, because… In the main the people who are using them, are the ones who are serious business builders, and are exactly the type of person you want to attract


Which is why This system works very well, because it weeds out the tyre kickers and brings you the prospects you want to work with.

The other major benefit is that it is yours . You Own it.


So Your First Step Is to Build Your List …


So the steps that follow below, will show you exactly How to Set up your own list, because without that, then you might as well not start marketing on the internet, at least not if you want to earn a serious income


Now the System I chose, is one that has a step by step plan, that you need to follow. You can get access to it  Here   Its free to start,  but, follow the steps inside it and you will be earning some good money, very quickly … in fact if you follow, then inside 60 days, you could be earning $500 $1000 a day


Now lets look at the second thing  you will own online & that is


Your Blog


You need to have a self hosted WordPress Blog, hosted on a domain you own, on a reputable platform.


A good reputable platform is one like This which is also what my #1 Recommendation for hosting.


That platform, should provide you with excellent training, first class support and pays you well. It is Your Business, You are in Control of it and everything associate with it


Now, having experienced both ways of earning income, it is my firm belief, that being a Blog Owner, with a domain you own and being your own boss, is very definitely better than …


Working for someone else in a




Or …


Being an Affiliate Only online, which is fraught with difficulties, when you make the wrong choice







Blog Business, that has first class support training and pays you well


Ready to build your first blog?, okay lets get started