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About this course

You will learn here, exactly why working / marketing online is becoming the 'new' career for thousands of people daily

Why it is the most exciting industry in the world bar none

Exactly how to do it right, because while thousands start working online, many with still in full time jobs they dislike, but with an overriding goal to quit them and obtain the time and financial freedom they want...

Incredibly 97% of them will end up broke or quitting because they do things wrong

So, having been in that boat myself and with an experience of marketing online spanning  over 20 years, you will learn the right way to do things

One thing for sure ... You'll definitely enjoy it

Oh, yes!!... Another thing for sure, what you read on these courses, will be exclusive content & not re~hashed from other peoples content  

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Course Structure

Why Market Online?

Having worked online since 2000 & Professionally since 2009, I am often asked 

"Why Do You Market Online"

You may have been asked that question quite a few times. I certainly was and the answer is very simple

The days of Job Security have long since disappeared, and with Covid coming along when and as it did, then swarms of people were sudddenly forced to look for alternatives. Working from home became the new norm and many businesses that embraced it, actually found that productivity increased.

The benefits of working or marketing online as it is called, are many and numerous

No office overheads

Work when you want, where you want and how you want. All you need is an Internet Connection & a Lap top... not to mention an understanding and supportive spouse

97% of People who choose to work onlin, will actually fail, because they go about things the wrong way and go down the wrong roads

Their simple Google Search on "How To Make Money Online" will turn up hundreds of results

Among them will be lots for the niche of Affiliate Marketing and this is where the rocky road often starts.

However, rest assured that by being here, you are going to avoid all of that 'Mess' !!

You are in good hands for sure

The Tools You Need

So to work online, you are entering the realms of self employment

Now I did this myself back in 2009 and it is one heck of a jump, but also the right jump too. I did mine without a safety net of any kind. You however won't be doing that, because you will be using the tools you need for the job, which you can find here

Setting Yourself Up

So the first thing you are going to need to do is set yourself up online with your own domain name and you are going to need a self hosted WordPress website.

The good news is you don't have to go searching the Internet for any of this, because you will find all the tools you need on the Products page.

So the first step is to and get your self a domain name and a website. 

You can do that right here

It has a step by step process that is dead easy to follow.

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