State Of The Art Mailer Reviewed

This is a review of State Of The Art Mailer.

In case you haven’t heard of State Of The Art Mailer, or are considering using it, to promote your blog, then, ideally this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision

Its Owned By Brad Webb

Started 2010

Total Active Members 38. 279

Total Commissions paid out to date $374, 976,494

Cost: Free ~ $86.42 Per Month

State Of The Art Mailer, is used by Internet Marketers, the world over, including some of the industries top names

It is also very well ranked and has been by ProfitHoopla as you will have no doubt read, from my previous post 21 Proven Traffic Generators

It is known as being a safelist mailer, if that term by the way is not familiar to you, a safelist is a way of sending out bulk emails to a database of targeted buyers, who want their website seen, but have agreed to receive related offers in exchange,

But as you will read, it provides a whole host of benefits, which will amaze you, especially if you have a blog & are looking for excellent promotion for it.

So, let examine the benefits in a little more detail, so you can begin to understand, how powerful this will be, for your blog, website or simply for building your list

The first brilliant benefit that state of the art mailer gives you is a

Golden Solo Ad this gives you the ability to mail to 30,000 members at any time

You also get the chance to win a weekly  golden solo ad & if you know anything about how productive Solo Ads are, then this is a must enter draw, not only that but if your referral wins, you also win a Golden Solo Ad

Its well known that those online marketers who use Solo Ads for promotion, have the biggest lists

Then You have the Click For Cash ads, which mean in exchange for you viewing ads, you earn cash for doing so

If you are a blog Owner, or a blogger then this next Ad Type will be of real interest to you, because the Time Bonus Ads are a real winner for your blog. This is how they work.

Inside the members area you have the ability to create a widget banner, that you can put on to your blog in the widget area, which when it is clicked on, means that your blog is automatically networked onto an additional 1, 585, 000 high networked sitesThis on its own is priceless and as you might realise, slightly more powerful than Banner Advertising

The next great benefit for you is the Hypewrlinked Viral Ads 


these are ads which you see, once you actually login to State Of The Art Mailer and last for 20 seconds These types of ad space are almost like Prime Advertiisng Space, because your are literally guaranteed thousands of views at 20 seconds a time

Once that exposure is over, you have to click to go to the members area, but on the way there, your are presented with another similar page to the last, where your website is again shown for … 20 seconds

From there, you move onto the mailer itself. This operates in a very unique & totally different way to every other safelist

With every safelist, you can get credits in three ways .

1. You can click for them, by far the hardest & most time consuming way

2. You can buy them, this is a better way of doing this

or… By far and away the best annd most recommended way you

3. Refer people to the site…

Recommending people to use State Of The Art Mailer, means that you get referral credits & commissions, the commission which are paid through paypal

As you will see from the picture below, SOTAM makes upgrading worth your while

As you will see from the picture above, with each upgrade you do. you also receive a one time offer which means that for the next 6 months, unlike other safelists, you lock in the price you paywhich makes referring an absolute no brainer

At first sight, this seems to be totally confusing, but when you actually use the system you see how enjoyable and morish it becomes

You will also see, that the commissions become more significant as you work tto the maximum level of 30,000 members to mail out

To give you an idea as to how powerful the commission payouts can be, take a look at the right hand end column

Go down to where it says 50% commissions   under that you will see the price you will be paying monthly which is $81.63 on the One Time Offer. You will get 50% of that, so from just 1 person you will earn $40

Now, with the same one time offer in mind and if people pass up on that and quite a lot do, so they end up paying $96 of which you would receive $48

You can see that by referring people to SOTAM that not only will you earn a lot of money, but so will they

As you are probably beginning to appreciate, SOTAM is a very very powerful mailer which is more than just a mailer

Also you need to take into account, that those marketers who have the biggest lists, use mailers like this, because hey see the benefits it brings them.

Remember also, that SOTAM, has been specifically designed for you to promote your blog, through the use of its amazing widget, which can be found inside the members area.

How that works is very simple and you are walked through the process, but you are creating a widget to place on your blog.

Once the widget is on your website, it is automatically networked across another 1 500 plus high ranking sites, so that your blog is working even more passively for you than it does now & that can only be good

As you can see, there are plenty of advertising benefits, which will help you, especially if you do facebook advertiisng, because unlike facebook ads, this will pay you very significantly and will become a go to advertising resource for you, to build your list and get exposure for you blog

The video below, gives you an idea as to how to use SOTAM

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10 thoughts on “State Of The Art Mailer Reviewed”

  1. the way you putlined the review of  state of the art mailer is quite exceptional; This is mind blowing; I just getting to know something of such exist and am quite hopeful it would increase my blog traffic and experience.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us; its well appreciated 

  2. Great post and good info.

    I never heard about this one before, but it seems to be a good one, as you can see at the amount of members it has, and the start date. 

    I never was sure about these kinds of platforms and if they’re useful, but after reading this, and the benefits it has, I’m going to try it out. 

    I will let you know later if it was a success for me or not. 

    Thanks for sharing! 

  3. Hello, 

    I own a blog and it’s the first time that I heard about State of the Art Mailer. 

    I am currently using Sumo for email marketing which is free. I am open to use new tools for my business, but often I am worried about the ROI, if they are at least going to make me more money than their cost. I have been investing in my online business and I have make money from it. But my problem has been that I would spend more than the money that the business was actually making. 

    I only have a small list of subscribers, so you think that I would really need this tool?

    • Thanks for commenting. SOTAM for short has been around for 9 years

      Like you, I also use a tool, linkedin to my autoresponder which came with my membership plugin

      State Of The Art differs from those software we use, because it allows you to email a database of people who are all looking for and expecting your email, the ROI is good because of the way it works in terms of it brings optins

      No matter how small your list is, it will build it up nicely and steadily plus at same time pay you

  4. Hey there,

    I really need to see this in action. So, I can send emails to a mailing list (the members) for my blog. I can also put an ad on SOTAM for my blog, or an ad on my blog for SOTAM? I’m not sure about this…. 

    Seems legit, but, as I said before, I need to check it out.

    Thanks for letting us know!


    • Hi Marios, thanks for commenting on this, and the best way to try it out is to join for free and give it a whirl.

      Totally legit and Its a mailer I have used for 8 years now, and this is the 9th year

  5. Thank you for sharing with us this review on state of the art mailer.As bloggers,we all need visitors to our websites.It is not an easy work to get people to whom w can send our emails about our business too.I found the art mailer very important and the good thing is that it has free membership so I am going to try it.

    I get everything I will need from this review.Keep it up.


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