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What is A List


This might seem a strange thing to say “What is a List” but, when marketing online, your list will be the difference between earning an income and not

In case your still a bit confused, lets clear that up by explaining “What is a List” by relating it to a paper list of things to do.

When your working online, you need to capture a list of subscribers by using a lead capture page, which offers something for free, in return for the subscribers name and email address

Does this make sense?

Now that list, is usually held on an autoresponder which you will have read about In this Post

You need a list to market your offers to and to speak with, through an email, about marketing tips you think would benefit them.

As an online marketer, you will have no doubt heard the term “The Money is in the List” which is absolutely right and spot on.

Now with your autoresponder, you can have as many lists as you want, depending on the niche, or interests you have, there is absolutely no limit

After all, everyone has different tastes, so  what some one likes, others may not.

The Great thing with building and having your own list is this… Its Yours!

Unlike an opportunity, which you are affiliate for and you are getting paid to put customers on the companies database, they are not yours

So if the company crashes, then your customer base goes with them… Along with your income

But, if you have an email list of subscribers, then no matter what happens, you can start again from scratch, does that make sense.

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How To Create A Pretty Link


This post explains How To Create a Pretty Link ( Below)

In case you don’t know what a pretty link is, its the post link above, shortened into a ‘pretty link’ which is used for tracking purposes.

Before you learn about How to create a pretty link, lets briefly look at what pretty link does

Pretty link shows you, as you will see below, which of your posts work better and are getting viewed more.


This kind of information is important when you are working out what content to write about or post on your blog. Its a time saver and also good for breaking writers block!

Now you know what Pretty Link is and what is does, the video below shows you how to create a pretty link

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How to Create a WordPress Website


This explains How to set up a WordPress

Blog website through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


You will no doubt be aware that WordPress websites amount to over 27% of the Total Number of websites on the Internet

WordPress to some is as baffling as Social Media is, many simply don’t understand it, yet know they have to have a blog, or website at very least, especially in this information age that we live in

WordPress is the Number 1 choice for many professional bloggers, because it is an open source software platform, which is owned by the end user… You on a domain name that you own

However, setting your own blog up can be very daunting if you only have some idea as to what you need to do, which provider do you use. This in itself, raises a number of questions

The man one being, How do I set it up?

From experience, searching for a Good WordPress Host is a daunting enough prospect, because how do you know how good they are

Since Discovering in 2009, that having WordPress, if I wanted my own business, I have used three previous WordPress Hosts, each was

Supposed to make the process easy

Provide excellent Customer service and make the entire experience as pleasurable as possible

Provide training on How to Use the platform

Hand on Heart, it has to be said, that on all counts, each host failed at one of more things

So much so that at one stage, out of Sheer frusutration, I abandoned my host and moved to Google’s Blogger platform, which you will read more about later.

Blogger was great and easy to use, but, as a Business Owner, the blog had its limitations, which ultimately, if you are serious about Blogging and being a Professional Blogger, then there is only one platform to use


So it was back to the drawing board, and searching through Google and YouTube, looking for a good host, but it had to be a host that provided top class training and support

The searches revealed lots of good hosts, but no premium training, until one day quite by accident, I stumbled across my #1 Recommendation and the major thing that attracted me was the fact that I could set up my own blog

Better than that, i would be shown exactly how to set up the blog

In fact the video below, walks you through the exact same steps I followed

As you can see it didn’t take very long at all, from Initial Set up ato Choosing a theme

Plus, another major benefit is that after doing this, You have access to a step by step course on how to maximise your blog, so that it gets ranked and found by all the search engines

Did you know that apart from Google which has 67% of online searches carried out through it, Bing and Yahoo also have very good search engines, which account for the other 33% of searches performed

So between all 3, you have your Internet searches totally covered, but traffic will be covered in another post

How To Follow People on Pinterest


This post explains how to follow people on Pinterest.

Once inside Your dashboard, you will see the search bar ( below)

Click in the search bar and put either a letter of the word you are searching, or the term itself, as shown below


From the drop down box that appears, select the option you want, then click


A list of the options will then be presented for you to follow. All you have to do is click and select those you want to

To start with

It might be best to try searching for those you already know might use Pinterest, as opposed to friends and family

The reason for this, is because those you know from your online experiences, will be business focused, where as friends and family tend to Pin, because “Its what my friend does” without really knowing why they are doing it.

But that is how to Follow people on Pinterest