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Hostgator Web hosting, Is It Award Winning… Facts You Need To Know

If you are looking at Hostgator


For Webhosting, but maybe aren’t quite sure, then this post will give you some facts that may help you.

It is based on personal experience use of the company and not just a review, for reviews sake : )

Hostgator was founded in 2002, in a similar way to Facebook as it happened, in a dorm room

It founder, Bret Oxley, was torn between two names, Hotgator or GatorHost. He chose the latter

As of February 1st, 2003, HostGator had 112 active customers.

one year later, On the same date,  there would be 1,031 active customers.

Over the last 17 years Hostgator has enjoyed a quite impressive rise, or at least it did when it was indpenddently owned

However in June 2012, it was Acquired by EIG, Endurance International Group, and since then, it appears to have suffered from some issues, is how best it can be described

EIG, also owns Bluehost, Constant Contact and SiteBuilder and Ipage to name but a few companies.

Hostgator claim to be the best WordPress host available and indeed, it was one of the reasons I switched from Bluehost to them, because having encountered problems with Bluehost, more of that in another post, I thought that Hostgator would be different.

The first issue you may encounter when signing up with them, is that they state they have a monthly hosting fee

They don’t, or at least didn’t when I was with them, it was a monthly fee, however you had to pay it up front for a year

So in this respect, they were the same as Bluehost.

They also claim to have exclusive WordPress training, which was one of the reasons I wanted to use them

WordPress is a minefield, so it needs to be learned so that you have at least a decent understanding of it

Lets be fair about it, if you are a marketer and working online, then a blog is the least you will need in marketing tools

However, when it came to locating their WordPress training, which was actually hidden, beneath several links

Well it left a lot to be desired, basic wouldn’t even describe it.So if that is what you are looking for then, be prepared

WordPress Installations

Hostgator claim that you can install a WordPress website in 1 click, which is in keeping with most companies that have cPanel

However, when my installation was finalised, following the instructions, there was absolutely no sign of my blog

Admin details certainly, but no blog, so that was a bit of a kicker

The Support were of little use in terms of actual help and solving the problem

Much like Bluehost, they placed the emphasis on you solving your problems

So from that perspective, if you have limited knowledge of WordPress, which unless you are WordPress guru

Is going to be pretty much most of the affiliate marketers on this plant, you ar slightly stuck

The support in this case was just so bad and frustratingly slow, you feel helpless.

In my case, I gave it 2 months of putting up with this, before deciding to cut my losses

Cancelling my contract, or monthly payment as I was on, but encouraged at every turn to pay yearly, or more was another stumbling block

You have to dig very deep into the bowels of the admin panel to cancel your payment

Even then, you are made to jump through hoops to do so

But, once you have, you feel relief that its done.

The experience, leaves you feeling battleworn slightly

In fact I would go so far as to say that once I was away from them, I didn’t want to try another hosting company at all

So for a breif period, I started using Google’s blogger, but when you are a professional blogger, you quickly find that blogger has limitaitons

So you start looking for alternatives and in my case I found an absolutely ideal solution

Which as you can see and especially if you are a professional blogger or even a writer, has everything you need to succeed

Compared to Bluehost and Hostgator, who were both fraught with problems

This has been an absolute walk in the park and currently I am in my second year with them

So in summary, Hostgator, web hosting, is it an award winner?… Well the last award the company won was back in 2016

You can draw your own conclusions from that


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My Email Mentor, Reviews, Scams

Is My Email Mentor A Scam Or Legit …

If you are currently looking at, or been invite to look at My Email Mentor and are wondering if its a scam or legitimate and will you really earn money from it, then you are in the right place, as this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision

First of all, My Email Mentor

is not new and has been doing the rounds, with the alleged front man Bobby explaining via his video, how you can make a fortune from simply sending emails out through is system

Email Mentor, first hit the internet scene around 2015, but its thought to have had several different guises before then as well

How Does It Work?

The concept sounds very simple and straight forward. You join email mentor and have to set up and account with ClickBetter so that you can both get started and receive your anticpated comissions

Once you have done this, you are then required to download a series of email addresses, of people who would be interest in either this or similar ventures, but,  which in truth could be anyone emails addresses

Having done this, and sent out your emails, you are then advised that with others joining under you and from you sending out your emails, that potentially you can be earning around $700 per month… Yep potentially you can earn around $700 per month. If more people join underneath you, then you can earn from them as well

All of this, for doing only around 10 minutes work, this is done once a week, yes that’s right once a week

We were also advised that we would earn money from people underneath us, doing the same as us

So with this in mind and seeing as how it was a convenient opportunity to become affiliated to, myself and my wife decided that it was worth ‘risking’ $47 to see how the venture fared, this was around 2017

We followed the instructions to the letter, exactly as the video told us to do

We set up our account with ClickBetter, to receive our payments

Month 1 …

No Payments received!

Bit odd this, as we have and did follow the instructions . We checked the people underneath us and, yes we were getting paid for their clicks, but it was nothing like the $700 per month, the reality was it was a few cents earned from them

So… My wife searced on Facebook for a group or something where we could ask questions.

Sure enough we found a myemailmentor group had been set up …

Thank god we said, it is legitimiate after all!

However, a quick scan through the thread, proved that the opposite was in fact true

There were literally dozens of all people, very similar to us, all asking the same question we were

“When are we going to get paid”

From Following the thread, it seemed as if it was not just us, but tons of people had set up accounts with Click Better and none had been paid

A lot of folks had actually tried emailing the supposed support email address and not even got a reply

We were one of the ones that did that too and like others we never even got a reply

It appeared, that it was nothing but one big ponzi scheme, if you are not familiar with that term, it effectively means that you pay money and get nothing in return, absolutely zilch, nada and nothing

We email for 3 successive months, without even the courtesy of a reply or any form of contact

Now, if the idea of this was to wear people down, so they got frustrated and gave up any hope of getting any money back, then it has to be said… It worked very well.

We decided to cut our losses and put it down to experience

Then… Without Warning

Totally out of the blue, myself and my wife looked at our credit card statement one day and unbelieveably, there was a refund of

$47 …

From Click Better. That was it, no email follow up, explanation or anything.

From looking at the Facebook thread, it appears we were one of the lucky ones, as not many people got anything back.

After this, the opportunity went very quiet and virtually disappeared… Until Now!!

So to see it doing the round again is very disappointing

From a personal point of view, it comes with a very red flag to not touch it, there are plenty of good, legitimate ways to earn money online, some of them are even reviewed on this blog, as well as my #1 recommendation which you can read about further

But certainly as far as My Email Mentor Goes, then it gets my unreserved rating as a Ponzi Scam

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WordPress Plugins

MailChimp News

MailChimp which as you may well know is a superb autoresponder, that integrates with WordPress, has some important upcoming news



If you use MailChimp you may not be aware of this, because its not common knowledge

However, you might be aware that it provides several, exceptional features which provide excellent benefit to the end user

One of those features is a pop up box which you can conveniently install through a widget available in the widgets area of your wordpress blog

Once installed, the widget, enables a pop up box to appear, after a pre~determined amount of time, with an special offer, that you have set up

If the reader likes your offer, then they can subscribe  to your list through the pop up.

Now from the


31st October 2018


If you are using MailChimp as an autoreponder and have hosted, embedded & pop up forms on your blog, then from the above date, those options will default to Single Optin from Double Optin

But if you prefer to keep your preferences as they are currently, then all you need to do is login to your MailChimp account and reset them to double optin

You may even be asking what is the difference between Double and Single Optin.

That is easy to answer

Double Optin First

You subscribe to get some information on a topic you like

You will then be notified immediately on the screen in front of you, to watch out for the confirmation email

Then you receive an email asking you to click a link in the email to  confirm you want the Information. You click the link. Now you are opted in


Single Optin

This differs, because when you subscribe to the the information you have asked for, you immediately see a message that says

“Congratulations, You are subscribed to get the information”

So as you can see this is the difference between the two. Some prefer Double Optin, while others are of the view, that single is better, because the information is obviously wanted, so why make it double optin.



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WordPress Themes

7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a WordPress Theme

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a WordPress Theme

Now at first glance, this might look a bit of a silly title, I mean, with your WordPress Blog, you choose your theme, write content on it and then submit it to the search engines right?


Did you know that the whole experience of getting ranked in the search engines, like Google ( below)




Starts with the very theme you choose and below you will find 7 Questions You need to ask yourself before choosing your WordPress Theme

Question 1

Who developed theme, now this would also include, How many installations there have been, when the theme was last updated and what the support is like

Free themes usually have restricted support, compared to premium themes

Question 2

Is the theme bloated?… Now what on earth is meant by that?

Lets look a little more in depth

What it means is does the theme have features that require a plugin, which needs activation before the theme will function properly. Yes that can and does happen.

Is the theme lightweight. This means, it comes with minimalistic plugins, which make it easier to load

Now the image below is for the Astra Theme


You’ll notice that there are several plugins installed. they did not come with the them at all and have all been installed seperately. So the Astra Theme is in fact a front end Theme

Question 3

Is the Theme, bundled with a Page builder. if so is it back end or front end

What is the diference between the back end of WordPress and the Front End.

Thats easy to answer. When you login to your admin area of WordPress, you are immediately in the back end of WordPress

When you click on appearance >>customise. You are taken to the Front End of WordPress, which gives you a customisation Panel on the left hand side.

You also get a preview pane on the right hand side. This is known as the front end.

Now if your theme is bundled with a page builder, this can cause a slow load speed.

Question 4.

Where are the theme options?

At the back end of WordPress as discussed earlier, or located at the front end

Why is this so important?

Because this can make your user experience slow and frustrating

Question 5.

Does it have the integrations you need, such as Woo Commerce. Don’t worry if you don’t know what WooCommerce is, but as a user of WordPress, there will come a time, when you need to have it to work for a client, because by default having a WordPress blog, will invite enquiries of  this nature to you

WooCommerce, is the Gold Standard in terms of eCommerce web sites

Does it come with a Learning Management System (LMS)

Now you might be thinking why on earth would I need an LMS?.

That answer is simple enough, if you are in a particular niche, for EG MLM, which requires ongoing training and support 24/7, then an LMS is going to solve that problem and eliminate the need for you to be up til the wee small hours on a coaching call

This Theme has both, so your covered all the way

Question 6.

This is perhaps the most important question to ask of all of them.

Is the theme you are looking at practical and useable

Lets look at that a bit further. WordPress has thousands of themes, the vast majority of them look nice, which is great, but do they work practically and can you use them the way you want to

As an Example, for years I used the theme below

Which is the smartline theme, by Themezee. This was chosen because I wanted a clean looking ,fairly responsive theme in blue and white which was free

This met all those criteria. However, as I progressed through my WordPress journey and learned more about it and wanted to evolve, Smartline, didn’t cut the mustard, as it was too restrictive

The site attracted lots and lots of comments, but wasn’t able to do what I wanted it to do.

So, reluctantly I started looking for a theme, that would do what was required. It also became clear, from my research, that a free theme, well any free theme

was going to be lacking in the practical work I wanted to do. the search continued until I found This Theme which together with a good recommendation from someone in the same posistion as me, resulted in this being used.

Question 7

This is a very important metric to consider.Its the TTI. Time To Interact

This means that from the time you click on the Link, until the site loads, is the TTI, it is a huge consideration.

The last thing you need is a slow loading site, because you will drive visitors away


In Conclusion …

These are the 7 Questions you should ask before choosing your WordPress theme.

The best advice that can be given to you, especially if you are just starting out with WordPress is this

A selfhosted WordPress site is going to be your business online.Yours and no one elses, so while free themes are good, they lack a bit in every respect, including the support

Premium Themes are a better investment, because they allow you to do more with them and get more options, plus better support

There are some good premium options available among them are




Having used both Free and Premium Themes, I know which is better and produces better results.






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