The 15 Most Common WordPress Mistakes

These are the 15 Most Common WordPress Mistakes.

Now as you read them, some might be obvious if you are an experienced WordPress user, but this post is designed for those who are just starting out


Installing too many plugins.

Ideally it should be no more than 15

Just install the Ones you need and that fit the CRUDS citeria.

Compatibility, Relevant, Updated, Downloads & Support


Not optimising your blog for SEO.

This can be easily fixed by installing an SEO plugin, such as YOAST 


Not backing up your site

Now this is easily fixed, if you are with a hosting provider such as my My Recommended Hosting


Not changing the default permalink structure

The Permalink Structure can be found as shown below.

As you can see, setting the structure this way

Looks better than having it as the plain version, seen at the top


Changing the post linked after you have written it


Ignoring WordPress Updates.


Using Free Themes.

Now ordinarily the word Free is usually good.

But when it comes to WordPress, it is anything but.

You get restrictive everything with free. This includes Support

Free Themes, while they may look nice

Usually will cause you a pile of trouble, including getting hacked.


This is a contentious one, as it involves content.

Bloggers and writers usually don’t write enough.

The average Google length for a post is thought to be around 1500 words

But you will see some Blog posts, which only have 300 on them

Why 300?

Because this is the minimum amount required for a post


Keyword density. This is important

Keywords should ideally be placed at the top, middle and bottom

Of your posts

This helps with the natural flow and Google doesn’t think you are cheating the system


Using the default admin username. 

Use a better more secure username


Using a weak password.

For great tips and suggestions on generating strong passwords

Use strong password generator 


Using poor or cheap hosting.

A good recommended host is this one


Blocking search engines. This can happen inadvertently at times.


Again this can be a bone of contention for some.

But not using a staging site to test your WordPress site out

Is not usually advised, because any mistakes go ‘live’ straight away

Using a Staging site, mitigates this


If you have more than one Admin, then you need to choose who is

Why?… If you have more than one and disgreements happen

Then before you know it, your lovely site, is reduced to ‘just code’

In Summary, these are 15 of the most Common WordPress Mistakes

As a reader of this post you might be thinking 

“Hang one, what about?…” 

That being so, feel free to comment and leave suggestions below.

In terms of the themes and plugins that are best to use for your site

The ones which give you the best results and mitigate those listed

Then this is a brilliant solution

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