The 4 Core Traffic Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

This post looks at the 4 core Traffic Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Traffic as you will know is the lifeblood of your very business

But online, it is essential more than most realise. Without it, you have no customers

When it comes to Blogging, then these strategies are, without exception


So lets look at the 4 Core Traffic Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

In No particular Order they are


Social Marketing

PPC In Google Ads

Facebook & Other Social Media Platforms

Lets look at each in detail now starting with

Search Engine Optimisation

It follows without saying that SEO is the basis on what your content will be found

But it is a little more detailed than simply typing a few words of text on a page

Then “hoping” the content gets found

Because each part of the post you construct, is important to your content

Getting found in the Search Engines.

So your keyword, must be found in your

Post Title

Meta Title and Meta Description

Social Meta Title and Description

1st Paragraph

Alt Tag

Alt Title

You should also have

One external link to Wikipedia

One Internal Link to another page or post on your site

YouTube Embedded video related to the topic

Social Image within your SEO plugin social Settings

Finally a strong call to action at the bottom of the post

Once the post is written the next thing to do is Promote it


Remembering to Keep it Social as well, because it is called social networking

Not …

Social Selling!

Now where and how you post depends on which platform/s you personally use

But for the purposes of this post, we are going to look at the more common platforms

People use. They are…

Facebook Groups


YouTube Discussion ( this can be on your own channel initially)

Pinterest, because Pinterest is mainly for blogs.


The next Strategy to use is

Pay Per Click

Now while Google Ads, is the place that most people gravitate towards

You also have Bing and Yahoo as well. These two relatively unused Search Engines

Account for the remaining 33% o search engine traffic and …

Produce the same results, but for less investment in ads. That is a good thing in my my book

So there you have it.

The 4 Core Traffic Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

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