The Advert Platform is it a Good Opportunity, or a SCAM!

This review is about The Advert Platform

In case you have not heard of it, The Advert Platform has been running online, since December 2016.

Previously, it was known as My Advertising Pays and was created by Mike Deese, a disabled Ex USAF veteran, along with two UK Based Business Associates, Lynne and Tony Booth, in December 2013


As My Advertising Pays (MAP), the platform, was, while not revolutionary, it was certainly a unique traffic exchange. Unique because it was a revenue sharing model, which paid back 95% of its profits to the members who used the platform and who brought advertising packs


The ad packs, were for a long time MAPs main product line and were it has to be said, very, very good


With online advertising being a $365 billion dollar a year industry, MAP certainly had a corner of the market  place and a thriving membership, who used the platform to advertise their individual businesses


How it worked


Was like this, each member, brought an ad pack, or as it was referred to by MAP, a credit pack, brought you so many advertising views, both from the membership itself and externally, through various search engines.


The member buying the credit pack was required to view 10 ads, daily, each ranging in view time from between 10 & 30 seconds long. In exchange for viewing ads and depending on how many credit packs, each member ad, they were paid 95% profit every 20 minutes, 72 times a day, 365 days of the year


Each member, had to have a  minimum of 1 credit pack, the maximum under the MAP rules was 1200


The traffic quality was exceptional, with many members experiencing Click Through Rates (CTRs) of an average of 10% and lots of optins as a result


Membership earnings were not to shabby either, with MAP creating a staggering 8 Millionaires globally. The definition of a MAP Millionaire was NET money withdrawn to the bank, to give you an indication of how powerful the venture was


There came a point in MAPs business operation, when due to legislative restrictions in the USA, it had to pull out of the USA, simply because of all its business revenue, just 1% was actualy coming  from that area, with an incredible 97% coming from Europe The MiddleEast and ASIA(EMEA)


So MAP, pulled out of the US and refunded all those members, who asked for refunds, their money back


Up until the summer of 2016, the platform ran along smoothly, with an astonishing number of peoples lives being changed for the better.However, it was late in the spring of this same year, that MAP started experiencing problems, with its pay processor


VX Gateway


Problems so severe and which amounted to a seriously significant amount of money, ‘allegedly’ being taken from MAP coffers, that it forced MAP to temporarily shut down and re assess its business options.


In December 2016, MAP, had evolved into The Advert Platform working along the same guidelines as MAP had, but this time with a different pay processor in the form of


GPN-DATA, based in Poland


For a good few months, the operation ran fairly smoothly, until the same issues began to re~surface and TAP, stopped paying out profit share to its members, claiming that it was


“Reviewing its current business Model”


Management, went totally quiet for weeks and months, answering no questions and then TAP finally ‘launched in the BTC market place, with BTC packs, which its claimed were for the long term investment


However, at the time of writing this review, it is known that the BTC side of TAPs business is currently experiencing difficulties and as such there is a notice inside the platform, which states


“TAP, is reviewing its current business model and operation”


It should be stressed, that until its difficulties, TAP was a very good platform, for those online marketers who are interested only in


Passive income, through affiliate marketing & that, I guess… Applies to most online marketers


I mean, who would not want passive income, when the definition of it is


Earning money, for doing little, or no work”


But, most people in the affiliate marketing world, miss perhaps the best passive income venture of all, which can be found here



So in conclusion, if you are looking for passive income and are a fan of the revenue sharing traffic exchange platforms and have been recommended to look further or more closely at The Advert Platform


Then keep your money in your pocket, because you will end up with out it


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