The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Visit Chichester

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, other wise known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, below



today visited the South Coast town of Chichester.



It was the royal couples first visit to the South Coast and, what a day it promised to be, because they were starting in the West of the County, but finishing up in the East of The County

That in itself, for a lone person to do is quite some feat during the course of the day, let alone the royal couple.

Chichester Town Centre, had advanced notice of road closures, with the couple due to visit Edes House,




West Street at around 11am

Naturally as you would expect with a royal visit, the part of town where they were going to, was heavily policed and there was a largish crowd, both from The Cross Chichester, down to Edes House itself, which was very good natured

Sadly for me, I didn’t get to see the couple at Edes house… but it wasn’t to be the last I saw if them today

As I made my back home, walking in the lovely summer sun, I was about to have a totally unforgettable moment, little did I know

While walking over the bridge that crosses the railway track, on the A259, Bognor Road, back towards home, and just slightly before warehouse yard situated on the other side of the road

I noticed a motorcycle traffic officer, speed past me, on blue lights, and go over the bridge towards the A27 Bognor Bridge Roundabout

Taking no real notice of it, I assumed that the policeman was on his way to a traffic accident, as there are often accidents in the vicinity of the roundabout

But, moments later a second motor cycle traffic officer, sped along side me, again on blue lights, but came to a halt, right outside the warehouse yard and on my side of the road, as he did so, he proceeded to stop the traffic in both directions, much to a few drivers anger!

For a moment I was shocked and wondered what was going on

I then looked back from where the policeman had come from. Then I saw Three black cars, led by a Black Range Rover and the Penny Dropped!

The range rover was the same range rover I had seen at Edes House a few moments earlier on, I now knew it was the Royal Couple

WOW… Can you imagine!. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are about to drive right past me, on the second part of their journey to Bognor Regis, which was given the Regis crest years ago, by another member of the Royal Family

Seizing this opportunity of a lifetime, I morphed from a 55 year old steady, married, chap into a child like 15 year old, standing at the roadside with a big smile on my face and thought… “I’m having some of this”

My left hand came up and I started waving energetically at the Royal Car, as it approached on the other side of the road

Inside, I could see both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, on the back seat, I had eye contact with both and for a split second, both of them waved back at me and smiled

Its moment, that will be etched on my mind forever, though quite what their conversation will be about the 50 something 15 year old man wearing an Orange Short Sleeve Shirt and Jeans, while waving back at them, is any ones guess.

That said, its a totally surreal moment, but one long etched on the memory and absolutely brilliant for the town of Chichester, as indeed it will be for the whole of Sussex.

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