The Secret To Making Money Online

The Secret To Online Marketing

This post looks at the secret to online marketing.

If you are a seasoned online marketer, earning money, congratulations, you likely know the secret

But, if you are newer to this exciting world, then this post will explain exactly what 

The Secret To Online Marketing Is

The myth will certainly be debunked.

You need three Specific Tools, one domain name & a means for advertising, other than social media

Sound simple so far, that’s because it is

So that sorted, lets look at what the three specific tools are 

1. Email Software

You need some emailing software, other than Google

The best emailing software provider on the market place is Aweber

AWeber happens to also have the next specific Tool you also need.

2.That is a Landing page. This is an example of a landing page.

3. The Third specific Tool you need is a blog . For which this platform has the best hosting.

Equally it also has the most affordable domain names you will find.

Joining the Tools Together

So now we join all the specific tools together

Doing this means that you are creating a Membership Site

Membership sites are the secret to making money online

Why Is This

Because, it means that you are able to build a list of subscribers

They are placed onto your email software provider and then moved onto your membership site

Those subscribers, will be paying you both monthly recurring & yearly recurring income

The picture below shows an illustration of what this will look like

Affiliate Only

Now compare that to being an Affiliate Only

Doing that means you are promoting Company X only

Or if you are like the vast majority of people working online

You will be hedging your bets with Multiple Opportunities

This is  where the term Multiple Income Streams Comes from

But the downside is you don’t know which venture is best

Neither are you in control of anything, should the opportunity go belly or collapse

Effectively you are a self employed rep.

This means you are working for less than your overtime rate if you have a Job

So you see why membership sites are the best way to go

After all when you choose to work online, you are choosing a new career

Many people however, treat working online as a hobby

When that happens, they make very little if any money


So you have your own domain for eg yourname@,com

Your autoresponder is ready to go

All you have to do is promote the site through the search engines

A properly optimised website, is worth its weight in gold

Why is this?

Because good quality content, properly optimised for search engines

Will get found weeks, months and even years from now.

As an example, I wrote an article a few years ago.

That article was seen by a chap in one part of America

Though it wasn’t for him, he recommended his associate view it

His associate then brought the product and earned me a $465 commission

Plus other related add ons.

Social Media

So you see the benefits. now you just have to Master Social Engagement

Do this consistently and daily and your website will soon be generating traffic on autopilot

In fact the organic traffic it generates  from Social Media Channels 

is by far the best traffic you can get, because it will be targeted organic Traffic

photo of vehicles on road during evening

And that is the secret to making money online

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