Thrive Architect v Gutenberg

This post looks at Thrive Architect v The Gutenberg Editor

In case you are not familiar with Thrive Architect (shown below)

It is a Bootstrap editor from Thrive Themes

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it before.

By the time you have read this post you will know more

If you are currently using, and Like or some cases Love the

Gutenberg Editor

As I did, then this is going to be a real eye opener for you

Lets take a close look at Thrive Architect First.

The video on this page will show you more.

Now, there are two major benefits of Thrive Architecht you will love

Perhaps the first one and most important one is this

It is Fully Responsive

That means  it is ready for mobile devices

Compare that to Gutenburg, which is not.

Thrive Architecht, as you may have seen

Lets you add elements and move them exactly where you want.

Gutenberg, has Blocks, which you can move up or down

They are not very flexible, as you will see from the video below

Thrive Architecht was built with your website / blog in mind

It will help your site load quicker, because its not  bloated.

By bloated, some WordPress themes come with additional plugins

This is called bloating

Thrive Architecht, has every possible plugin you will need

And because its built on Bootstrap, means that you have total control

Gutenberg, points you in one direction, which is with WordPress Restrictions.

In Summary

Gutenberg is a block editor, which lets you write your posts easier.

Gutenberg is also free, but as discussed, free with WordPress means restrictive

Thrive Architecht, comes as part of Thrive Thrive Suite.

Thrive Suite comes with Thrive Themes

While it is not free, it is very affordable for the year.

It lets you have complete control and design over any WordPress Site


If, like me you have been using the Gutenberg editor for any length

You might find it hard to switch away from it.

However, what you will find is that after switching to Thrive Themes

Then using Thrive Architecht, it is a way more enjoyable experience

Even writing and playing around with the various elements

You will find yourself saying 

“Well this is much better and more enjoyable than Gutenberg”

In short you will love Thrive Themes

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