Thrive Leads Reviewed

This post is going to review Thrive Leads

The purpose is to show you how to overcome the frustrations you have with your current theme in terms of getting leads.

The video below, shows a demonstration of how it works

As you will have seen, it eliminates a lot of the work you do currently

One of the major benefits of it, is that it makes your life a lot easier

You will have seen an example of how it works on this blog.

I mean if you are a blogger or Vlogger then you know it is a full time business

Which means it needs to generate leads, which leads to sales, which leads to income.

Now your current theme, might be a default one or you are using a paid theme.

Either way, it will have restrictions in what you want it too do

By that I mean the lead plugins that come with it, will have their own frustrations

Which of course means you then begin having that cycle of searching for the right tool box

As you will have seen Thrive Leads eliminates that.

You can also see a demo of Thrive Leads on this website on the home page.

When you are on it, within a few seconds, a pop up box will appear in the bottom right hand corner.

The major benefit with Thrive Leads is that it gives you more than one opportunity to grab your prospects email address.

On The Recommended page, you will see a ribbon across the top of the page.

This method is one of the best ways of capturing your prospects email address

You’ll notice the ribbon sits across the top of the page, discreetly.

Its asks a question, to which the only way to get the answer is by entering your details to get more information.

So, having read this post and with the entire blog being a live working model of Thrive Themes

You can see how much easier it makes your blogging life.

If you would like to make your working life online that much easier, then you can create your own Thrive Themes Account below, which will give you access to Thrive Leads.

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