Thrive Theme Builder v Generate Press

This post looks at Thrive Theme Builder compared to Generate Press

Or to be more Exact Generate Press Premium version.

As a blogger since 2009 and a daily user of WordPress

The choice and look of my blog, as I am sure you will agree, has been important

While there is never a ‘Perfect Look’ for your theme

There is what is called ‘an easy on the eye’ look

A look that is clean professional and easy to navigate.

As a fellow blogger you will relate to that.

Since discovering WordPress, I have used a lot of themes.

Starting off with Free, but finding that Free in terms of WordPress means very restrictive

Migrating to Paid Themes, seemed to unlock a lot frustrations

Paid gets you support, where Free does not, or if it is, then it is Limited at best.

Two years on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform directed me towards

Divi Builder, then Generate Press Premium version

Divi will be covered in another post

So Generate Press is the topic of this post.

It has to be said that the Premium Version of the theme was good

Certainly for a good 18 months, it didn’t cause me any problems

Theme I used, Marketer, shown below was clean looking and simple enough

However what it didn’t do for me, was provide any more leads. 

It also needed further adds on to make it more of a conversion tool

Now quite by chance, an email dropped into my inbox.

It was talking about the benefits of Thrive Themes

So having looked at what was possible with it

I looked through my bookmarked WordPress Sites

Sure enough there was a link to Thrive Themes

Logging in, I could see that I had an account with them, some 18 months earlier

But even better than that, was a whole load of tutorials

Carefully going through them, it made total sense to switch

Now, why such a rush of blood to the head?

Well consider this for a moment

If you have a blog, then most likely you will have some frustration with it

If you have a free blog, you have major restrictions

The vast majority of bloggers do, but just soldier on

Some switch out themes, add in new plugins

These actions cause the blog to slow down

Frustration then leads to them quitting their blog altogether.

Because if you have a blog, then you want it to attract visitors

You then want those visitors to convert into buyers.

Thrive Themes solves all these issues in one fell swoop.


Well the folks at Thrive ar focused on providing conversion Focused Blogs and tools to do the job.

You can see how sleek and nice looking this blog is

To give an example of this blog, compared to Generate Press

Just by tweaking a couple of things on the theme itself

I saw a 20% increase in Traffic in just a few days.

Now that increase came from this blog post

Ironically enough, I found that from googling Thrive Themes

The search results presented me that post.

So having switched out and removed GeneratePress from my blog 

Hand on heart I can honestly say that its been a good descision

Inside their University, are a stack more tools

All designed to make your blog more conversion focused.

The plan is to review each piece of the pie so you can see how good it is.

But in closing if you are not getting the results you want from your current theme

Rather than get frustrated, take a closer look at Thrive Themes

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