Thrive Themes Membership Reviewed

Now as a WordPress user, you will no doubt be aware that there are thousands of plugins and an lot  membership site plugins all of which claim to make your site better

Thrive Themes is one such membership. which makes very strong claims  as to how it will help you make your WordPress blog, even better and turn it into a conversion focused blog… Which is exactly what you want, right?

So How good is Thrivee Themes (Below)

Having used previous membership sites before, like Elegant Themes, OptimizePress, Divi & StudioPress, I was initially skeptical about taking the Plunge with this membership plugin, for these reasons, some of which you might relate to

The other membership Plugns, all promised much, but when it came to flexibility, which is the key feature / benefit you are looking for with a membership plugin, all the above were sadly lacking in different ways, which left you feeling frustrated hugely

WordPress is a marketers dream, and if your blog is built correctly, for example being search engine optimised, so that it is found even when your sleeping, it is by far and away your best way of building your list

Thrive Themes was founded in early 2013 by  marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech fanatic Paul McCarthy

Both were working hard on their own online projects individually, but something always seemed to be missing.

While Paul knew how to build killer software but never really managed to deliver it to potential customers; Shane had extensive marketing experience, but his lack of coding skills stopped him from building what he already had in his head.

They both needed someone to complement their skills.

They found each other on a popular marketing forum

So having met up in Europe, they came up with a different style of page editor, which is better know now as Thrive Architecht

in fact this page is built using it

Thrive Themes mission is as you can see from the picture below

Thrive have an unrivalled Product Range, which is highlighted below

Starting with

Then, because you want to get leads for your business with ease, there is

No matter what you current experience online, you’ll be aware or know that landing pages are one of the best ways of getting leads for your list so its no surprise that Thrive have produced  Landing Pages (see below)

Being a blog owner, you might be aware of, know about or heard of the ‘bounce’ rate. The bounce rate is what happens when a visitor lands on your blog and then moves off again very quickly. Does that matter to you if it happens….

… Well yes it does absolutely, because if you have a high bounce rate for EG over 80%, then Google is going to think that your blog has no trust worhiness in the content your producing and so this will affect your bounce rate

But  … Fear not, because Thrive Have you covered in this respect through, their  Clever Widgets

Clever Widgets  live up to their name, because, by inserting this plugin on your sidebar, content is displayed a little bit in the same way as Google Adwords places their ads, but in the clever widgets case, it takes you to other relevant content you might like, so keeping visitors on your blog longer and so keeping your bounce rate lower… Clever, Eh!

In terms of Your Blog posts, one of the ways to make sure your blog is read is by choosing good keywords.

But occasionally, when doing thsi research, you are given more than one option. So how do you know which is best?

Luckily Thrive Optimize has you covered as it shows you how to split test and work out which keywords or titles if you like are better and work best

Now from my own experience and being unsure if my experience was going to be similar to my previous ones that have been spoken about, I deliberated long and hard before finally taking the plunge .

I watched the demonstration video which was on the home page and then decided to see what products I would need

Now when you see all the products they have, you’ll find that you will need some immediately, some you will think you have no need for at all and that leads you to just think about your immediate needs


One of the great things with Thrive Themes & something which will sway you in their favour, is their complete transparency and dedicated support that they have, it will be unlike anything you have come across before

Think about this for just a second….

Looking through their product range, you will see your own website, working for you in a way, that, almost certainly it doesn’t now. Their plugins remove the need for coding, its a matter of plug and play and before long you will find yourself reaching for your credit or debit card to buy the membership option

Now, while at first glance it may seem expensive at a couple of hundred dollars, buying each Thrive Product Individually willcost you waaayyy more over time so you will be actually saving money


Thrive Themes has one of the most comprehensive Integrations list you will ever come across, as you will see from the pictures below

And there is more !! 

If you can’t see your Integration… Hang on, more to come!!

Finally, last but ny no means least, the tail end charlies....

As you can see an Integration for just about anyone…

Another absolutely superb incentive to buy the membership option, is this

Well how about I let Thrive Tell you themselves, would that be better?

Thrive have Two Payment Options

Membership which is $19 Monthly, or $228 for the year in which case the Lock In Price below applies

Or Agency which is $49 Per month

You will find as I have, that the yearly lock in Price is the decider

Why?… This simple reason, Thrive Will absolutely transform your blog, without question and take it from being a standard, WordPress blog, which looks much like every other blog out there, to a

Bells and Whstles super Professional looking blog, which will get you leads on autopilot, with ease, while you sleep

Overnight you will go from being a WordPress user and Blogger, to a techincal WordPress Expert, because what you haven’t yet read about is the absolutely incredible Thrive University which gives you unrivalled access to a ton of red hot info products, all of which are

Included in Your Thrive Themes Membership

And include, but not limited to the following subjects

>>> How to build red hot landing pages

>>> SEO if you don’t want to learn SEO

>>> Make More Sales without needing more traffic

>>> How to Build a Targeted Mailing list & much more besides


When it comes to Support, then Thrive Excel themselves and nothing is too much trouble for them at all

It will certainly be the best you have experienced

In fact, it has to be said that since getting it, what Thrive says about your experience being fantastic is actually true and if you did deliberate before buying it you will wonder why you took so long to but it, once you have.

Overall, when it comes to making your WordPress Blog work harder for you, without much additional work on your behalf, then this comes with my highest recommendation for sure

5 thoughts on “Thrive Themes Membership Reviewed”

  1. Informative article there. Am new to online marketing and have been looking for best themes and plugins I can use to look professional in my first blog in online marketing. 

    Thrive theme can give me what  I need to make my WordPress blog look great.i like your recommendation and I follow them most of the time and so far it has been great

  2. Hello Dave, once again you have created a nice piece of review for this thrive theme. I have heard a little about them and your post did add more knowledge to that, however, i would have loved to know the price as it was not stated anywhere in your post. thanks and your site does look lovely.

    • Thanks for commenting. As far as the Price goes, there are two(three if you include the yearly payment) and I am just editing the post in Thrive Architecht at the moment.

      Monthly you can pay $19 for the Thrive Membership or $228 for the year ( thats the one I have)

      if you are an agency then its $49 per month


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