Thrive Themes v ClickFunnels Which Is Best

Now, if you are considering using either Thrive Themes or have heard great things about ClickFunnels and are wondering which one is best,  then this review, will give you enough information to make that informed decision

This review has been written, following a simultaneous 14 day trial between the two, when I was torn as to which way to go

Lets start by looking at ClickFunnels ( below ) first of all. ClickFunnels by the way is known as a SaaS ( Software As A Service) company

Founded by Russell Brunson, himself no slouch when it comes to Internet Marketing, it promises, as you can see from above to 

“Enable People To Grow Their Business Through Sales Funnels” 

And after all, a sales funnel is exactly how the buying process works when people by making that decision

ClickFunnels, offers as you can see below a 14 day Trial, during which time, you can try out all the features it has for you

For your 14 day Trial, you can try out all the features, which are its ease of use Funnel Builder, which as the image below shows are fairly extensive

As you can see on the top left hand side, it promises to get rid of your shopping cart & if you are a user of Woo Commerce, then that would have to be a consideration. 

It lets you create stunning funnels in minutes simply at the click of a button… Hence the name


You can get rid of your autoresponder and your CRM, not to mention your Affiliate Software and Your Membership Software as well, the latter two would be considered and appropriate if you were running a membership site

When you sign up for your 14 day trial, you are automatically upgraded to the highest upgrade which is all the features mentioned above and is $297 a month

If however, at the end of the 14 days, you don’t want to use all the features, then you can choose to pay for just the basic features, which cost $97 Per Month

Now this is where you start having to make some decisions, because though ClickFunnels, say you can do away with your auto responder and use their system, if you have been marketing online for any length of time, you will most likely have an autoresponder of your own

Which, leaves you with Two Choices …

You can either work very hard with your current list so they migrate over to your new software, or…

You integrate your Auto Responder with ClickFunnels, which means you have the added cost of that on top of ClickFunnels monthly payment

Like I say its a choice and for some its a tough choice

During my 14 day Trial with ClickFunnels, I was impressed by their transparency, and the way you could set funnels up for anything with just one click. 

An equally tough choice to make is this, especially if you are choosing the $297 per month option

You will still have to find ways of Advertising & while marketing on Facebook is considered a ‘good’ free option by many, ultimately its paid advertising that wins the day and brings you customers

This is another cost that has to be factored into your equation

One of the best bits you will find with ClickFunnels, is their transparency, its among the best you will find

So ClickFunnels covered, lets now look at Thrive Themes

As their is a full review on Thrive Themes Here I don’t plan to write a further review here, except to cover a couple of areas which are not properly covered in that review

One of those being that Thrive Themes is a WordPress Membership Plugin, which makes your normal blog turn into a conversion focused blog, designed to attract customers to you

Like ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes has two price points

$19 Per Month for the Membership Plugin or a yearly payment of $228

$49 Per Month, if you are an agency

Clearly these are more affordable than those with ClickFunnels.

So given all the fact and benefits explained here, which one of them is best? 

Both have plus points, bot have costs associated with them, thats only natural, they are businesses at the end of the day

However, my own choice boiled down to this & in the end it was pretty straight forward

It came down to control overall

Which in the end meant that Thrive Themes won the day, because, its a plugin, that I can control on my own hosted domain, as opposed to a SaaS company, where absolutely anything could happen with it and ultimately if its business related you have no control over 3rd Party services

So for me, Thrive is the clear winner and for another reason as well… It helps your blog work for you, even when your asleep, which is a brilliant thing

If you are in the same boat as I was and unsure, then this may well have helped you decide.

Finally in finishing, I would ask one thing of you, well perhaps a couple actually :  )

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The second one is this, if you have any questions which are not covered by this review then please ask them below and I will be very happy to give you an honest opinion and answer back. 

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