Thrive Themes v WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes v WordPress Themes

This post is going to compare Thrive Themes to WordPress Themes

By the end of the post, you should be chomping at the bit to switch out your current theme.

But before we dive into the nitty gritty of this lets look at some of the frustrations of WordPress

You have a variety of WordPress themes, all of them without exception are fraught with Frustration

Free Doesn’t Give Good Value

Its the one time, when free probably doesn’t give as good a value as it should do.

I say this, having used WordPress for 13 years and consider it to be the smartest marketing tool available

Okay, the smartest one available outside of possibly the autoresponder of your choice

But that is a different story for a different day.

So fast forward to date and you have your website all ready to go.

You know what you want it to look like

Themes in place and your ready to start

First of all you can’t get the header to look as the demo showed it would look

Then the plugins you were recommended to get, don’t work with the theme.

A very Loud Arrrggghhh is followed by several times of looking at YouTube videos

Before you realised that since the video was made, everything mentioned in the video is out of date!

Can you relate to that?… I know I can

So you then start looking for various WordPress Tool kits that might just help

But which one do you get.There are so many to choose from.


Having used a variety of them myself.

Premium Themes, such as Divi, Astra Pro, Elementor Pro, GeneratePress Premium 

Without exception all of them, provided me with 1 or more issues

Then …

That was until I found Thrive Themes . Inside that was Thrive Architecht

You will find it is completely different to any of the other block editor you have used.

First of all it is built on Bootstrap. 

Now if you know anything about Bootstrap, you will know it takes a lot of Learning

The end result looks super impressive and Bootstrap developers are in high demand.

You will be pleased to know, that with Thrive Themes you don’t have to go through all that

As the video below shows you everything is done at the touch of a button 

As you will see what it does do is make every part of your exisiting WordPress Theme and Current editor

Way, way more fun to use.

One of the great aspects of using Thrive Themes, is that you can transform your existing theme

From a great content hub attracting traffic & Followers, into a conversion focused prospect grabbing machine

All of which is done on Autopilot.

The best bit is that once swapped over, you will experience a good surge in traffic

But instead of it being ‘just traffic’ you will find it is buyer focused traffic.


The other great benefit is this, that by having Thrive Themes you get access to their University

The University will take you from being an ordinary blogger, into a smart WordPress Guru

Because inside it, you will find a stack of excellent content, which covers smart marketing.

Not only does it cover smart marketing, but you will also be shown how to build your list the smart way.

Thrive Themes is, a WordPress users absolute dream.

2 thoughts on “Thrive Themes v WordPress Themes”

  1. Hey Dave, great post on Thrive Themes! We use Thrive on several of our website/blogs and it is by far the best Theme builder for wordpress based sites and the easiest to use. I even used Thrive to overall one of my oldest blogs, and it was a breeze to do so. Thanks!

    • Thanks Richard, yes Thrive is so easy and zero restrictions on website building, that you get with free and most premium themes.

      I like what you have done with Emoneypeeps as well


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