Traffic Authority BUX Rewards

Traffic Authority is the worlds leading Premier Traffic Solution Provider, which has a unique rewards system called BUX Rewards

If you haven’t heard of Traffic Authority, let me briefly explain what it is

In short it is a Premium Traffic Solution provider, which will provide your business with Premium Traffic Buyers

By that I mean you will be getting guaranteed buyers for your offer or opportunity

To buy this traffic normally would cost you around $10,000

But with Traffic Authority, you can get access to it at a fraction of the cost

By being a reseller of their traffic products.

Being a reseller of their products, means you can also get paid on their Traffic Academy and Traffic Optimiser Products as well, when you subscribe to them

Both products will give you an education and a half on the types of traffic you need and the ones to definately avoid.

So where does Traffic Authority BUX rewards fit into the equation.

Thats very simple

Every month that you renew your subscriptions for both Traffic Optimiser & Traffic ACADEMY you receive $50, which is translated in to something called

Bux Rewards

You can see an example of this below

My Bux Rewards balance currently stands at $200

What that means is, that when I buy my next traffic pack, I can use the bonus balance as part payment

To put this into context for you, below you will see the traffic packs available

This is exactly the same type of premium traffic that big corporations buy daily

They pay thousands of dollars for it

You are able to get it only through traffic authority for an absolute fraction of the price

Unlike the big corporations, you receive commissions on these packages

The commissions start at $80 and rise up to $3,200

That in itself is only part of the commission structure…

But you can use you Bux Bonus Balance to buy some very nice traffic for your blog

So you have a double whammy really, get paid commissions for providing them to others

Receive bonus bux to out towards your own traffic, which effectively means you get it free

After all, think of it like this

Whilst you are not a big corporation, you are

C E O of YOUInc

And that means you need the best kind of traffic for your business

So that explains Traffic Authority Bux Balance

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