TrafficAdBar Reviewed

This is a review of TrafficAdBar the Manual surf advertising traffic exchange with a unique difference

TrafficAdBar, ( seen below )

Was started way back in 2009, by its founder and as this article is written, stands on the verge of its 10th year

As Traffic Exchanges go, in the main they have a pretty poor reputation, because they are so misunderstood, but they have been around since way before social media was even thought about

TrafficAdBar, very definitely stands out on its own, in terms of advertising and the results it delivers

Free to join, it gives you a consumer warning, as you will see above, that it will deliver over 1,022 Guaranteed visitors to your website every 3 days for free… It delivers on this promise & then some

It is favoured by many bloggers & internet marketers, because of the other benefits it provides them with

You get Automatic Search Engine Submission, which is so valuable in its own right.

Plus when you join, you get 100,000 Points

Now don’t worry at this stage if you don’t understand what that means, because TrafficAdBar works on a point system

The points system is better shown in the picture below

Starting as a free member and like anything which is free in advertising land, while you will get traffic, you also get some restrictions

First of all, you get 0 guaranteed visitors and can only list 5 websites of your choice and you start off on Level 17, which is the very bottom level of TrafficAdbar

Your primary website also only gets between 5-10 points when it is sent out in daily emails

Your other website links also only get 5-10 points when they are sent out in the daily emails

From the surfing point of view, you only get between 2 & 5 points per site viewed or surfed

Bearing in mind that the more points you accumulate, the more levels your website goes up, the more people see your website & if it happens to be your blog that is your primary url, well this has a knock on effect with Google and other search engines as well.

Every 25 pages surfed, you also get the chance to swap some hits for points…  & This is where some people lose out

Because… they keep the hits, instead of taking the points 

So instead of moving up, their website stays still at the bottom, defeating the entire purpose of the site

With the Free Member covered, lets now take a look at  The

Pro Lite Membership

Pro Lite, is the next rung up if you like and with this membership, You get a Guaranteed 1,000 visitors to your website every 3 days

The cost for Pro Lite Membership is £9 Per Month

The Benefits you get can be seen below, compared to the Free Membership

You have the option to list up to 8 URLs if you wish, so thats an extra 3 from the free membership

Every 3 days, you get given 250 points as a bonus, compared to 0 as a free member.

This works well and you earn some pretty decent commissions from it for sure, which eventually pay for your upgrade to

Pro Membership

Pro Membeship gives you more for your money, compared to Pro Lite

Pro Membership is £18 Per Month, but As You will see from the Image Below

You get a lot more for your money

Compared to the other levels, buy having a higher membership

You have to work less to get your website seen

Finally Last but by no means least, there is the

Platinum Membership

At Platinum membership, absolutely everything is magnified, as the above graph shows.

Platinum is £36 Per Month

It has some great benefits too as you will see from the picture below

Platinum Membership also means that your own work in surfing it, is practically halved, but perhaps one of the best benefits is this . You get a Guaranteed 

4,000 visitors to your website

Not to mention some great commissions too


So you have read about the commissions that are payable

The picture below, shows you the potential earnings you can get

To put this into some sort of perspective and reality

Below you will see the earnings calculator, based on a Pro Mmebership

That was used to give you a conservative estimate of the potential earnings

You have to remember that this would come in every single month

Daily Email

Now add into the bargain, the daily email that the admin of TrafficAdBar send out, which looks exactly like the one below

You will appreciate that email marketing is one of the most recognised ways of getting a persons attention, so everyday an email like the one above drops into your inbox, containing 20 Links.

What you need to do is, click the link where the red arrow is pointing and this link will automatically take you through all 20 links on that page. In doing so, you earn more points for your websites


You can do it the hard way by manually clicking all 20 (Personally, its easier to do the first one!)

Moving on further in the members area, you will also see a members dashboard area, which is like the one below

As You can see, you can see at a glance, a bit like Google Analytics, how many people have actually visited your website and how many points they have, twoards the next level up, do you see the similarities between this and Google Rankings.

The main difference is that TrafficAdBar doesn’t require you to do any keyword research and gives you a free search engine submission… In short it helps your blog / website.

By now you should have a fairly good idea as to the main benefits of TrafficAdBar and how it will help your blog or website. Certainly by placing your blog on here it helps with the bounce rate for sure by keeping it down

How does  your

Bounce Rate

Keep low?…

One look at the Analytify Plugin from WordPress will show you

Simply by placing your blog onto TrafficAdBar and doing  a bit of manual Surfing at the Platinum Level, as you can see from

the picture above, the bounce rate is 1% … So google knows that it is a good and trusted site.

It also explains why TrafficAdBar is the only Manual Surf Traffic Excange I use and why this comes with my highest recommendation, if you want your blog rankings to do well

To give you slightly more meat on the bone as it were,  the video demonstration below, shows the benefits ‘live’

Now, as you will have seen that video is slightly dated, so below you will see a more recent video, which highlights perfectly the ‘leveling’ up that happens and the exposure that your blog gets by that happening

Now in summary, as a reader you may well be using

Google Adwords, Facebook & Bing Ads

And that is absolutely fine. But what you have to bear in mind is this

Those forms of advertising are good, but they are Keyword Dependent

So you are reliant on writing content your audience is searching for

With Traffic Ad Bar, you are going direct to your target market

You are also going to get paid for doing so.

As an example I have earned a nice amount of commission from it

It can be used in addition to the other advertising you do

So in conclusion, if you feel that Traffic Ad Bar is a cracking Alternative

You can set up your Free Account Here

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22 thoughts on “TrafficAdBar Reviewed”

  1. Great post and good info.

    This sounds to be a good one, however, how long does it take to reach that upper level with all the advantages that comes with it? 

    Of course, I’m not going to pay for it, else I could pay Google for ads, and that would be much faster.

    Waiting for your answer, thanks à lot for sharing it with us. 

    • Interesting point Emmanuel, its a good one alright. To reach the upper level can be done in a very short space of time, EG a few days iff needs be.

      I not what you say about not paying for it, and could pay google for ads, which would be faster. I actually have google ads running on my own blog and to be truthful, trafficadbar is not meant as a replacement for, but a compliment to Google adwords

  2. Hello Dave,

    The trafficadbar me get just be the product to ease the difficulties I face at the moment. £20 for 2000 guaranteed is very good in my opinion. The only worry would be if trafficadbar fail to deliver on the said number of visitors. I will give this serious thought but is it possible we could also get above this figure? 

    • Louis, I can say to you that TrafficAdBar has never failed to deliver in any aspect for me over the time I have been using it, which is a number of years now. You can also get above that figure for sure

      You also make money on your referrals who join and buy

  3. Thanks for reviewing traffic ad bar. I have not heard of it before, but am glad you brought it out on your blog.I have done a lot of research about starting an online business and I probably don’t have to tell you how many times I have run into programs that promise minimal work will lead to huge amounts of money but the unfortunate part is that i get scammed always

    I will also make my research on the platform. I will set in if they are truly genuine 

    • Ola, on of the great things abour TrafficAdBar, is that they have been around since 2009 & have been tracked and tested thoroughly over that period,and shown to be bonafide and liked, hence the review on it

  4. Nice one from you Dave. This is actually good educating post for newbie affiliated marketer like me. If a pro lite member can get 1022 visitor on his website in 3 days is cool deal to me any way. But you didn’t state the membership fee on TrafficAdBar”s review, Dave. So how much is it gonna cost as a ProLite?

  5. Thank you for this great and amazing post, I find it really helpful and nice. You must have put a lot of energy into writing this and I really appreciate that. You have provided great insights into trafficadbar and I think I like the benefits of the pro lite membership .

  6. Hello Dave Hayes,

    I have read your nice review about TrafficAdBar. As far as i know that traffic is a necessary thing to do so many task online. I had a little bit idea about traffic but now it has become clear after reading your articles detail. I think this TrafficAdBar will be better for the people those who needed traffic.I think it is more reasonable and user friendly.

    Thanks for your review.

  7. This post is a useful post for me. It some things I need to know about Traffic Exchanges.because I don’t understand It at first. I will try and go back and use it 

    and also put all u said into consideration in driving traffic to my website because it essential in affiliate marketing 

  8. Thank you for this in depth review of TrafficAdBar,  I feel tis TrafficAdBar is a better option in traffic generation considering the figures stated.

    The Platinum membership that can generate 4,000 visitors is the best. Imagine having such quantity of visitors that converts. I will definitely subscribe to this and boost traffic to my site.

    • Thanks for commenting, you really cant go wrong with the Platinum membership which also generates good commissions and so you end up with free traffic and being paid to surf, as opposed to surfing for credits and lower commissions

  9. Hello Dave,

    If we do not have traffic to our website then it will be impossible to earn extra money online. I think Traffic Ad Bar is interesting for our sites to get more visitors.

     I would start with the “Pro-Lite” membership but I do not observe what the price would be to pay or tasks that I must do to get the points. Thanks for all the clarification you can give me. 

    Regards! Claudio

  10. Hi, 

    Thank you for writing this informative review about TrafficAdBar product. I have not heard about this program before and after reading your review, I believe this is another perfect choice for generating traffic. The most important attractive feature is 1,022 Guaranteed visitors to any website every 3 days for free. I like this and I am planning to check it out for my website traffic. I am going to share it with others also.

    • Thanks for commenting on this, the 1,022 visitors is really a starting point, one of the other good things is that as you are surfing, collecting points, you can actually see who has visited your website. I shall add a video to the site showing this

  11. Hi Dave,

    TrafficAdbar is something i never have hear of. Why ?

    It seems as a great and compare the risk reward a very cheap investing. I really really suggest everulyone doing Affiliat Marketing join TrafficAdbar. I,know i wil guaranteed!

    This something i have to share with all of my friends. 1000 views sounds amazing. That is something normally takes year to accomplish on your website unless u pay for ads on gpogle of course. But most people don’t have tho,money for it.

    Thank for writing this article and sharing this secret with us.

    Much Love,



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