TrafficHoopla a Review of Traffic Hoopla

This is a review of Traffic Hoopla



That name might not mean very much to you at this time, but in terms of online advertising, traffic generation and list building

Traffic Hoopla is the place to go to

First of all, lets explain a little About Traffic Hoopla in their own words

It all started November 2002 with the first testing report.

Well, it actually started a few years before that.

No knowledge.  No understanding.  No experience.  Zero!

We searched and searched and searched for How People Make Money Online.

After many bumps and detours and empty rainbows, we settled down.

Not on making money.  That was foolish.

Our focus turned to:

  • Online Advertising
  • Website Traffic Building
  • Helping Others build and grow their own Online Business

Today, we have helped more than 250,000 people worldwide.

Our first project were testing reports.

Tired of all the hoopla.  We began testing popular online advertising and publishing the results, stats and all.

These testing reports lead to the creation of more than 10 membership sites, all traffic builders, each with a specific online advertising focus.

In 2015, we celebrated 13-years of testing reports and more than 250,000 members.

So as you can see, thats their story, personally having used their resources for almost that entire length of time, it is safe to say what they test works


TrafficHoopla, owned and run by Billy and Charlotte Carr, from Texas, are about as transparent a company as you can get

Online, that is so important and crucial, with them no stone is left unturned


Testing Reports

Their testing reports are published monthly and are complied on a very strict and comprehensive criteria, so that you as the end user, can use their resources safe in the knowledge that your advertising budget is being well spent


Daily Checklist

Traffic Hoopla, produces a daily checklist and has a statement which says

Do as we do, follow and soon your bountiful harvest

What this effectively means, that follow the instructions they have on their site, do it diligently and daily for at least an hour a day, then you will get the same rewards they get


How Does It Work

Unbelievably simply is the way to describe it

At least compared to other affiliate ventures online

When you go to Traffic Hoopla, you see the page above

That is the home page.

At the bottom, you will then see the Join button, as shown below


Clicking this creates you a free account and you also get a free page, like the home page, you see above

You will also see a series of tabs across the tab, as shown in the picture below

The picture below shows 3 joins, called 1st Join, 2nd Join and 3rd Join

Beneath those are two further ones called 4th and 5th Join



Starting with the 1st Join Tab first of all

You will see a page much like the one below


What you do is join all the programmes listed in each of the joins as a free member

When it comes to those programmes in the 2nd Join Tab

Because they are safelists, you must have a gmail account.

It is highly recommended to have a seperate account for these programmes

The reason why is because, as a member of the various safelists shown

You are going to be receiving a lot of mail from these mailers.

In return you will get access a high number of targeted prospects

All of who are looking for a business opportunity.

It is highly advised to join each programme shown in the join tabs on different days

For Example: Day 1 join those in 1st join, Day 2, those in 2nd join

You get the picture and the idea.

Now at the bottom of each of the join Tabs

You will see the following as shown below in the picture


This opens up a whole different list of those traffic exchanges which again are proven to work

The exchanges listed here are also good to use, but the results from the first 5 or 6 listed are better


You will see the same on the 2nd Join at the bottom, as shown below


This process is repeated through to Join 5.

You are not obligated to join any of the programmes listed in this section

However, by not joining them, then you will miss out on potential income, just by being a free member

Believe it or not people do join these ventures. So 10% commission is better than 0%…

Once you have joined each of these programmes.

Then you can promote any website or blog you wish to.



This is where Traffic Hoopla becomes a little more exciting and profitable.

You will have read above that they have a saying

If you follow, if you do, then soon your bountiful harvest

What that means is this.

As a free member of Traffic Hoopla, you can earn 10% commissions

from referring others to Traffic Hoopla who buy one of the upgrade options

The upgrade options are

Monthly $29

Yearly Pro $119

Lifetime Pro $179

So any direct referrals you have who upgrade to one of the above packages

As a free member, with a referral who upgrades to monthly Pro

You would earn 10% of $29  so that would be $2.90 per month

Yearly Pro, you earn  $11.90

Lifetime Pro you earn $17.90

But…. As a Pro Member, with the above upgrades you would earn 50%

So Monthly Pro You earn $14.50 Per Month

Yearly Pro you earn $59.50

Lifetime Pro you earn $89.50

This scenario applies across all Hoopla sites

As you can see, it is a nice little cash cow, when understood and used correctly.

Now taking the commissions one step further

With each of the programmes inside the joins tab similar commission structures apply

10% to free members and 50 % for Pro Members

It is important to read how each venture works, because by understanding them

You will save yourself time, but still earn bountiful rewards in terms of

Leads, Commissions and Advertising Credits

In terms of which programmes in Traffic Hoopla should you upgrade in

Then they have you covered as well. Because Profit Hoopla has the ventures where you earn most

This is a benefit that CANNOT be gained from Social Media Advertising

Does it work?

Without question, yes, if you follow their instructions, to the letter and resist the shiny new objects that drop into your inbox, then without question yes it works

One of their membership sites, actually takes the 21 best profit makers from all of traffic hoopla, and combines them into one place

Doing this means, you don’t have to question, where to spend your upgrades on

From a personal perspective and it has to be said, at the outset being a little skeptical, I did upgrade where they advised and…

The results were brilliant…


Leads for my business

Plus another benefit, which as an online advertise myself and one that you will need, you earn residual traffic and commissions from referring people.

Traffic Hoopla comes with my highest recommendation and having used it for 18 years

can vouch for the fact that it works very very well.

If you have a blog, then it is excellent for blog promotions




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