TrafficWave Review: Exceptional Value At An Affordable Price

This Review of TrafficWave will give you enough information to decide if this could be your replacement autoresponder.


Is not new to the scene at all, but has been around for 20 years.

It has been compared as the cheaper vesion of AWeber

However, the word cheap, used in this context, should not detract from Quality.

In fact, given some of the autoresponders around, such as Constant Contact, AWeber itself, Get Response. to name a but a few, when compared to them, it offers really good value

Having used a wide range of autoresponders over the years, including those listed above 


Offers Exceptional Value for money.

When it comes down to it, every business uses email marketing in some form

So, its crucial that your emails get delivered direcyly into the inbox of your target market

Nothing Else matters at that point

Well… The open rate does

Because unless the email is opened in the first place, well you don’t stand much chance of your offer being seen at all

So on this count of 

Email Deliverability

TrafficWave scores highly in this regard, because you can track your open rates

Integrates with WordPress

It integrates with WordPress effortlessly and very easily

Unlike Mailchimp which though highly regarded by a lot of WordPress users, asks you to jump through hoops, before connecting up

In fairness to Mailchimp, it is actually free to join and does not charge you until you have 2000 subscribers

TrafficWave, on the other hand, gives you a free 30 day trial, then you pay a flat rate fee of $17.95 per month

Add into the mix, that TrafficWave also has a compensation plan as well, then it looks even more attractive compared to Mailchimp, which does not.

There are 4 ways to get Paid with TrafficWave. The first of which you can see in the image below

The Second way is through 

Monthly Residual Commissions

You can see how that works in the image below.

Its important to remember that you don’t need to sell TrafficWave, but just show the benefits it will offer to other business Owners

Just show 3 other business owners the benefits that TrafficWave will bring to their business and the rest is pretty much plain sailing

The Third Way you can earn money with Traffic Wave is through 

Leadership Bonus 

Now you can see from the image below, how that works

The Final Way you can get paid is through the 

Guaranteed Traffic Option 

Because one of the the absolute must have needs of any business owner with a website is 


So you also get paid when someone buys the Guaranteed Traffic Option  which you can see below

As you can see, as an autoresponder is a key tool which every business owner needs

Especially in these uncertain times, of


Which as you might be aware has hit every business the world over, especially those who rely on physical products

Having a way of communicating with your customers is essential to success

If you live in a small town, then TrafficWave, when shared with other small business owners, can pump some much needed income into each business

If you have any doubts about this, go an revisit the pay plan.

However as a way of getting your emails open, while not paying over the odds for Email Marketing Then TrafficWave is … Incredibly hard to beat.

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