Twitter How To Add Conversion Tracking Code To Your Website

Twitter ~ How To Add Conversion

This post explains and shows How to Add Conversion Tracking Code To Your Website

Before we begin, lets explain a little about Twitter.

It was established in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, who was the first person to send a tweet

Initially Twitter was designed for  use for motorcycle couriers, so they could interact on their own communication network

Twitter however has now grown and is the only real time social network online with an estimated 300,000, 000.

Yes  that is Three Hundred Million users sending an average of 500,000,000 million tweets a day

Among that number is US President Donald Trump, who is becoming famous for his tweets

One of the reasons Twitter is liked so much is because it works in a similar way to texting on your mobile

You can send a tweet of 140 characters limit to anyone, anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

Twitter is officially a micro blogging platform, which unsurprisingly makes it popular with Bloggers

How do you know if your website is being seen on Twitter or if people are buying what you are selling.

The best way to know if your blog is being seen on Twitter is to install Google Analytics on it

The best way to track site activity is to install conversion tracking code

What exactly is Conversion tracking code

To quote Twitter themselves

“Conversion tracking enables you to measure the number of Twitter users that perform a desired action after viewing and engaging with your ads on Twitter. It will provide you the capability to measure which of your campaigns drive actions such as site visits, sign ups, and purchases.” 

The video below, shows exactly how you find it and where you can install it

How to  Install Tracking Code


So How Exactly does this help you.

As you might know business owners, which bloggers are, need to track all their activity, so they know what works

It equally it also shows  what doesn’t

Now while Google Analytics is good at showing you, where the traffic is coming from on your site

The Twitter conversion tracking code, takes that action one step further

It shows you what happens when readers of your blog are on a page which has conversion tracking on it

You are not limited to just one page, You can actually add conversion tracking code to as many pages as you want



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