Viral Mailer For You – Review & Strategy

This post is going to review Viral Mailer For You

It will also explain a very useful and smart strategy for using it, if you are a Bitcoin Fan, or ar Marketing Bitcoin

Viral Mailer For You, shown below 

Is owned by Jason Wise the same guy who owns Free Advertising For You, which you can find out more about here 

Jason is a very hard working admin for both sites.

Viral Mailer is as the name suggests a mailer which works virally.

In terms of your traditional safelist, it is very different, with an emphasis on quality traffic and activity points

It is free to join and much like Free Advertising For You, rewards you with points, which let you win Pro Upgrades, as far as Level 5.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated, all will be revealed.

Also in common with Free Advertising for you, you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket, unless you want to, to become a Pro Member.

The caveat to this is, that you would need to spend time on the site on a daily basis, for a period of 30 days, so you can win the Pro Upgrade

But then you would be spending time on the site, daily anyway, so you can get your ads set up.

Login Ads

When you login to the site, the first page you see is the Login Ad

Login ads. are prime peices of real estate online, and contain some very very good offers, which most people just skim straight past.

However, time spent on these pages can and usually does mean that you will save money and also time too

Though it saves you money, great thing is that the login ad, also means that whatever offer you buy, you will earn commission on as well

As an example lets look closer at the Diamond Upgrade Offer below, which compares it too the Free Membership 

You will see that there are 3 Upgrade offers

30, 90 and 180 Day deals

Each has its own benefits

Each has its own commission structure

The idea with this offer is that it boosts the advertising credits you get, which in turn allow you to scale your advertising up, within Viral Mailer For You

Hint:In case you are not aware or don’t know, the only way to scale a business up is through paid for advertising, because the more you buy, the more clients you get

Tip: Unlike Google, Facebook and Yahoo Ads, which rely on SEO Keyword research, this way of advertising is going to land up directly in front of your targeted prospect

Monthly Contest

The first page you see when you login to the members area is the one below, which contains the Monthly Contest

As you will see winners are chosen on the 1st of the month.

The prizes are shown as by the placings

$700 Worth of Free Advertising

Now on the left Hand menu, shown below you see 3 very important boxes, numbered ,1,2,& 3

Do not ignore these boxes when you join Viral Mailer for You, because it will be very costly to you.

Box 1 – Takes you to similar ands well trusted sites, where using some promo codes, you can claim 19 Free Solo Ads

In case you don’t know, one of the absolute guaranteed ways to earn money online is by using Solo Ads, so these sites are literally priceless.

Box 2 –  Lets you enter your self into the draw to win $700 of Advertising

Box 3 – Is the daily FAFY( Viral Mails sister site)  Promo Code

This, when applied gives you more advertising credits.

BTC Strategy

Next lets look at the Strategy for using Viral Mailer For You, in conjunction with earning BTC

Like it or not, BTC, is not going away anytime soon.

It has been around for years and will continue to be around for years

This post explains more for you 

So how do you Viral Mailer for You to earn Bitcoin?

Lets look at that in a bit more detail now. One thing for sure…

You will Lovc it when you understand it

First of all, Jason the owner pays out all commissions in BTC to Coinpayment, which makes it a very attractive option.

The next attractive option is that unlike other safelists, you have two options for upgrading

The first one is the standard one, where you pay for it

The second option, if money is tight, is too win the upgrade

Personally I think its better to win the upgrade, because you get extra credits through activity, which in turn gives you a chance of winning the random draw as well.

The sister site, Free Advertising for you works the same way. So I can vouch for the fact that the random draw works, as I won $25, which was deposited into Coinpayment.

But back to Viral Mailer For You.

With this strategy in mind, you would want to refer as many people to the site as you possibly can

Why?… Because in the long run it means more traffic to your own offer, more commissions, and the ability to  mail down 11 levels.

I’ll leave you to work out the maths on that, with commissions going into Coinpayments, it can make a tidy sum

Once obviously you have a niuce little sum in Coinpayments, you can then strategically choose, your next advertising resource to further scale up your business

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