vTraffic Rush Get 13, 725,000 Guaranteed Visitors

vTraffic Rush Get 13, 725,000 Guaranteed Visitors

As a blogger, or website owner, you will know that getting traffic to your website is an absolute must.Viral Traffic is one of the best ways of getting that traffic and if you have been looking at vTraffic Rush, as a means of getting that traffic, then you will know it will provide you with 13, 725,000 Guaranteed visitors


What is vTraffic Rush

In short it stands for Viral Traffic Rush. In internet terms, Viral Traffic is absolutely incredible

To give you an example. You see a funny video on YouTube, you then share it

Others in your network share it as well and before you know where you are

it has gone viral. In other words it has become very popular, very quickly.


Why does v Traffic Rush Do

In simple terms, it sends a minimum of 13, 725,000 Guaranteed visitors to your website as a free member


How does v Traffic Rush work

There are two membership levels with vTraffic Rush

Free and Pro

Lets explain the Free Version first

Everyone visiting vTraffic Rush

Will see the home page below

On this page there are 7 ads, as indicated by the red arrows pointing to numbers 1 and 7

As you might have noticed, the ads shown are all banners

Banner advertising online is a very effective way of getting your business

or affiliate marketing venture seen

What every person visiting vTraffic Rush has to do to create a free account

is view the 7 ads shown on the page

Doing this then lets you create a free account

By default when you create your free account, you can set up a page like the one above

Your banner ad, will then shown at the top of the page

So when you share your page, with others

They will have to click on the banners on the page, starting with your one first.

So as they create their own banner ad, your banner ad then moves down one posistion

on their ad page

So with that explained lets show you the


Traffic Calculator

This is based on a free account being created and you sharing your own ad page with 7 people

7 Obviously being the number of ads required to create a free account

As you can see, it would be 13, 750, 70

Remember this is as a free member


The free account also pays a 25% commission.

As you might be able to see this is quite powerful

So that is the free version covered

But as mentioned before there is also a


Pro Version

So why go Pro?

Pro Membership is just $20 and is a one time payment 

There are no monthly membership fees

Now this is where Pro Membership gets more exciting

Bear in mind what you have read about the free version and how that works

Because the Pro Version  works in the same way but gives you the benefits listed below

.>>>> Earn 50% commissions instead of only 25%!

>>>>> Rotate up to 5 ads instead of only 1!

>>>>> Get your ads seen on the pages of, and gain viral traffic from, all 6 levels of your downline instead of only your direct referrals!

>>>>> Those are a only a few of the benefits!

The full list of Pro Benefits can be seen below


And Remember… This is for a One time  payment of $20


Viral Pool

Now your $20 one time payment, also give you access to the Viral Pool 

The Viral Pool, which you can see below

Means that you can place your ad in the viral grid (above) .People then click on the ad

they get 25 daily chances to win cash prizes plus a share of the viral pool 

By now you will have seen just how powerful this ad platform is

Compared to search engines, where you are looking for keywords

To attract your target market

This actually lets you share your page with thsoe you know who have a website

In doing so, you are going to get Viral Exposure & Commissions


Getting started

Could not be any easier. All you have to is click on the banner to get going

Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!

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