vTrafficRush 786 Great Reasons To Join…

This post reviews vTrafficRush which if you are thinking of joining it, will explain more about it

Cost Free to $20 Lifetime Upgrade. Not a Subscription, but a lifetime upgrade

What is it?

A real time, viral Advertising Tool, where your referrals advertise for you

Commissions You can earn up to $80 in commissions


vTrafficRush, is a very under used, yet very potent and powerful viral banner advertising platfdorm

To join the site, you have to view 7 other ads first of all, before you can set up and account and place your first banner ad

As a free member, you can place 1 banner, ad which gets shown on your own page and one other page

The commissions you earn as a free member are just 25%

When you upgrade to a Pro Membership, well the real power of this platform comes into play

Because, you can create up to 5 banner ads, which then get seen down 6 further levels of fellow online business owners and affiliate marketers


As an upgraded member, you also get access to the ViralPool,

Playing in the Viral Pool gets your ad seen nearly 1 million ad views a day

Sadly, most people will remain free members. That’s just how marketing works. Although they are free members, they will still build down lines, however, their ad will only be seen on their own page, and on their first level referrals’ pages.

So you can see it pays to upgrade, if only for the fact of having other people advertise your website for you

The video below shows how this works



So, in conclusion, is the platform worth advertising on?

Well the answer to that is a resounding yes, if only for the fact that banner advertising is one of the most potent forms of advertising on the planet

Combine that with the fact that other marketers, will have to advertise your site for you, if they want to get a stack of views to their own site

And it earns you money to boot, what can be better than that



2 thoughts on “vTrafficRush 786 Great Reasons To Join…”

  1. This is such a great review and straight to the point.

    I admit I am just learning of the vTraffic Rush program for the first time. The cost to upgrade is quite reasonable and I like that it is a lifetime upgrade. I hope there are no upsells once I join the program, right?

    I just watched the video and I think I am convinced by the whole concept. I am going to give this a try and hope my online business benefits.

    Thank you for this review.


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