Wealthy Affiliate: 5 WaysYou Will Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliate

This post explains 5 ways you will earn money with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Though there are 5 reasons listed, which are probably the main 5. in real terms there are unlimited opportunities to earn from and through the platform

  1. Referals

Earning from Referrals, is the first way you can earn money through the platform

While it is not an MLM or Network ,Marketing Platform, in the same way

Other similar platforms are, there are a stack of good reasons why you would want

To Refer other bloggers to the platform. The Picture below shows Income examples

2. Top Tier Hosting

Without question, every blogger, needs to have a blog up and live, 24/7/365

So given that other hosts, such as Buehost and Hostgator, that claim to be top notch hosts, who charge an absolute fortune for inferior hosting, by comparison Wealthy Affiliates’ hosting is unrivalled and for managed hosting…. Plain Awesome

3. Choosing Domain Names

The third reason that you can earn from the platform, is by choosing a domain name or names

When you do, you get paid a nominal commission for doing so

Why would you want to choose a domain name through them?

A very simple answer is this… Outside of Namecheap, Wealthy Affiliate, provides the lowest priced domains available. An appealing prospect I’m sure you would agree

4. Writing Training

The 4th Way is by writing your own training, which gets attached to your own profile

It can be on any subject, within reason of course, but based on your own experiences with a particular subject or one of the social media platforms

Once its approved and verified to be genuine, then you get paid for the content

There is no limit to how many trainings you can write about

Once its published its your content.

Compare that to the majority of online training content you come across

Which in the main is usually re-hashed or at best curated content

Online marketers, quite happily invest in some cases quite large sums of money

Only to find up that what they have got they either already knew, or worse….

Already had!!!

5. Providing Website Comments

The 5th Main way you can earn from Wealthy Affiliate is by providing website comments

The way this works is that within the Community Section

You can offer comments on other peoples websites as you can see below

The two red arrows indicate websites that you can leave comments on.

Leaving comments, will earn you money as well

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most lucrative earning platforms around

Based on experience of using other similar platforms, by comparison it is a walk in the park .

In fact, what other similar type platform do you know or have experience of, where you can actually ask a question in a forum and get answered by the owner/s direct.

It comes with highest recommendation for sure.

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