Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Upgrade An Absolute No Brainer

It has to be said, that as an independent business owner, you want to be able to work smart and enjoy the work you do

Being an Independent Business Owner, with Wealthy Affiliate, allows you to do just that.

Since last Friday, 23rd November, they have been running a brilliant Black Friday Promotion

I’ll explain more about that in a minute, but one of the main and major reasons I chose to partner with this awesome WordPress hosted blogging platform in the first place, was 

Because of the excellent hosting that it offered, by excellent I do mean… Excellent

In previous years, since I started blogging, I have used a variety of different hosts, to name some 

Bluehost  & 


Both of them, led me to pull my hair out in total frustration with my blog

Neither really satisfied my hopes that they could do what a hosting company claimed they could do

The result was that for a while I stopped blogging, until quite by chance I stumbled across 

They offered WordPress hosting. But WordPress hosting with a difference…

You see it is not hosted on WordPress hosting at all, but on very different and very secure servers, which means that you get… Zero downtime

Now the Black Friday deal on offer at Wealthy Affiliate, means that you are only going to pay $299 for a full years worth of,  not just hosting, but excellent business training which shows you some of the insider secrets to working online.

This includes but is not limited to 

over 300 hours of expert education on most of the topics you need to know about online

Over 50 lessons on online entrepreneurship… by which time You will be the Guru

Your very own Authority Blog

As well as the chance to earn revenue from creating your own training material.

When you compare this deal to many of the other so called ‘black friday’ offers on out there,  you will see that this offer, provides exceptional value for money

Now the absolute greatest thing is…

That this offer has just been extended by 2 further days, so all you have to do to take advantage is Create Your Free Account so that you can qualify for the deal.

It will be a decision that you won’t regret!

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