Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurs Course Reviewed

This is a review of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurs Course ( seen below )

In case you were not aware, Wealthy Affiliates Online Entrepreneurs Course, provides a very detailed and comprehensive business plan, for Affiliate Marketers of all levels ( yes even the experienced ones, though they might not admit it, need assistance at times)

So what exactly does the Online Entrepreneurs Course do for you?

Well as with all businesses, the owner needs to have a plan, one that works preferably, and one that helps him or her to make profit.

You might be aware that working online is fraught with difficulties, or at least it can be, because the vast majority of online marketers make very little money, mainly because they

A) Lack Focus

B) Have no plan of what to do, or how to execute it


The Online Entrepreneurs Course changes all that for everyone

Because it provides a step by step, actionable guide for anyone to follow

Consisting of 10 Individual Courses as you will see below

Each course has a series of walk through steps, very much like the one shown below

Which though you don’t have to follow them if you don’t wish to, it is highly recommended that you do, because they lay down the foundations on which your business is going to start with

Its pretty fair to say that, if you don’t follow this foundation, then the chances are pretty high, that you won’t have your own business online, one which will bring you credibility, reputation and a brand of repute, and will stay being an affiliate only promoting the next opportunity that comes along

In the day and age, where trust and credibility online are even higher than they were back in the day, it doesn’t take much working out to figure which is the better path.

As You will see from the picture above, Lesson number 3 ( Below )

is all about choosing your niche . This is where you are shown the foundations for beginning to build your authority in your chosen niche, be that whatever it happens to be EG : Games, Flowers, Biscuits

If you don’t have a specific niche just yet, don’t worry, you will learn some good ideas as to how to choose one

As well as what a niche is, and if its a case that you are happier just promoting business opportunities, then this course will show you the best way to do just that. So you are covered on all bases as you can see

From there, you are moved forward and shown  How to Build Your Own Website

The reason for this is because, by having your own website, which is built correctly, you stand far more chance of attracting other business owners/ marketers to you, who, could be having some difficulties in growing their business

Whisper it gently ( but, one such market is the MLM / Network Marketing sector) for who many find it difficult to build teams and earn money from their venture

Once the website is built, the course then takes you further down the road, so to speak and shows you exactly how to

Set Up Your Website

Now this is a critical step in prepping your website up so that its built correctly

Don’t forget, the difference between you setting up your own website up and having a  pre~installed blog associated with an affiliate venture is that with this online course you know that your site is going to be ready to get indexed by the search engines, once its ready

That said. think about this for a moment and go back to the time you had a WordPress blog, which was pre~installed, supposedly search engine friendly, yet didn’t get any visitors to it. Do you remember feeling frustrated

Well, this course will definitely eliminate that feeling, because once your blog is Ready for the search engines and you have created your first peice of content, it is only a matter of time before your content is indexed and found by google

Imagine getting an email like this which says …

“Congratulations, Your Content Has been Indexed by Google”

That is the start of you building your own brand and niche, no matter what your niche is


In fact. let your imagination go one stage further for a moment, in terms of the brand and niche, because, you might have heard the term or figure of speech perhaps

“Oh he is an authority on that” or the term “Authority Blog”

What the term Authority Blog means is this… You are laying all the knowledge you have on your subject out in content form on your posts, which mixed with videos as well, give people the solution to their problems

By having your blog properly set up, indexed and found as an Authority Blog, it shows google that your site is starting to gain trust and respect as one and so Google will then rank it higher.


Because Google and other search engines, love nothing more than Authority Blogs. They give you credibility

So if you are promoting ‘just opportunities’ then by having your own blog, sets you apart from the crowd. ll

Given the amount of training and membership sites that are on the internet that are recommended or found through search engine results, the majority of which have lowish price points to enter, but have high profit upsells, which don’t include lessons on marketing and promotion, then the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepeneurs Course, meets and exceeds all expectations hugely in terms of getting you started

It comes with my highest recommendation for sure

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  1. Wealthy affiliates online course is the best platform for new and old affiliate marketers. The courses teach how to build your own website add every plug in and features to make it a standard website. They also provide all tools and platforms needed to build a website. The platforms like jaaxy are also the best around and also easy to use. The best feature of the course is the online community who are always ready to help you whenever you are stuck or  need clarification.

  2. Absolutely lovely and accurate post. I myself followed this steps with the thought that is was going to be complicated, but it was actually very well laid out and easy to follow through. And the fun part is once you start the regular step as see how fast you are progressing, paying for the premium will be without doubt or fear 

  3. hello Dave,

    I have also gone through the wealthy affiliate program and I must say I was more than certified with the training I received. However, anyone who wants to register for an affiliate program must know the niche he or she wants to pitch their tent. It’s a well known fact that Google respects authority blogs and such blog is what every new blogger should be aiming to have.

    Kind regards

  4. Thank you for this informative post.  I have a few questions, if you don’t mind…

    1) Is this some sort of multi-level marketing program?  I ask because I’m a bit leery of them.

    2) I’m not very web savvy.  How difficult is it to develop a professional looking website?

    3) I’ve found that nothing’s really free.  How much will this program really cost me?

    4) Is this just a read and watch program or will there be someone I can contact for help if I need it?

    All-in-all, this sounds like an interesting opportunity.  I’m just cautious with all the SCAMs online these days.

    Thank again.  I look forward to your reply.

    • Scott,

      Thanks for commenting and to answer your questions

      1) It is not MLM or anything associated with it

      2) It is very easy to build websites and compared to a normal wordpress install, which can take a few minutes, installing a website with Wealthy Affiliate takes, literally a few seconds and is all done for you

      3) In terms of what it will cost you, there is either a monthly fee or $49 after the first month, or if you go premium within the first 7 days a very generous discount is given to you, but even better than that, if you follow and apply the training shown within the course, then you will end up with a very generous income for sure

      4) Its an interactive course with absolutely tons of help from very experienced mentors and other business owners, who DO NOT charge you for helping, unlike other more expensive and under rated training courses, which I know I have been part of and I am sure at some point you may have looked at yourself

      Heck you can even speak with the owners too…

      It is a very good programme and far from a scam. In fact, with the training given at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to identify and avoid scams thats for sure

  5. thank you for sharingthank you for this article very useful and useful to me I have read your article from the beginning to the end and liked how you explained it as a wa affiliate rich feature and what are the lessons we will follow one by one is also a plus for a visitor as you draw before embarking on this affiliate website rich wa are ready and provided with knowledge from you and your blog here congratulations for your blog

  6. Wealthy affiliates is  the chief of all affiliates programs and the the program is too legitimate. Everything in wealthy affiliate training is detailed properly. I  have tried so many online platform and lost my money. But now am with wealthy affiliates, I have rest of mind and am comfortable going through my programs while I earn. 

  7. Hi Dave Hayes,

    This is an amazing article. I am really impressed by it. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common means for those who want to earn jobs by online jobs or free-lancing. You should be tactical to earn from affiliate marketing. The most convenient thing to earn from affiliate marketing is that you do not have to spend any money to become an affiliate. Well, you can set yourself up as an affiliate in Free, and you can earn enough. To work as an affiliate marketer, you need a platform of your own (own website or blog) from which you can post and advertise the link to the product or service you choose. I believe that affiliates marketing is not a magic that can be filled overnight, yes it will take some time to avoid being frustrated I’m proud to be a premium member because through WA I can choose the right niche. The WA training system keeps me updated constantly which makes me more confident. I think newcomers can learn more through your articles.

    Thank you for writing this article.

  8. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the information about the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurs Course.

    You are absolutely correct. In order to run a successful online business you need a foundation. That foundation must include a plan and the best training that you can get. Support is also very important for the times when you encounter difficulty.

    As of January 2018 there were over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. Today you can be sure there are over 2 billion. How will you make your website stand out and rank at the top? 

    Fortunately, I followed the Wealthy Affiliate training and built a solid foundation. Some of my pages rank in the top 3 positions on page 1. Others are not far behind.

    In addition to the training, Wealthy Affiliate ongoing support is incredible. Whenever you have a question all you have to do is post it. WA members are eager to help. You will have many answers within minutes. 

    Almost all of my problems have been solved thanks to the help of others. Only a few required the help of WA’s support group. And those that did were resolved within hours.

    WA has my undying gratitude and total commitment. Keep up the great articles pointing this fantastic group to others.


  9. What a surprising post about Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurs Course. I have read your post and I love it very much. Really this is a great review and as a wealthy affiliate member, I am a Beneficiary of this course. If affiliates want to success in wealthy affiliate then this course is for him/her. This course will teach you A to Z of affiliate marketing success. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer the do not miss this online course. thanks to the author for this great post.

  10. I have been learning a lot since joining Wealthy Affiliates. It’s a wonderful experience even though the videos are data consuming but I made the decision to watch them and complete the task as I am determined to succeed in this. There’s a lot of tasks to complete while going through the course which makes it hands on but I wanted to ask you, as someone with a lot of experience in this, do you think going through the course without completing the tasks will affect my ability to implement the impacted knowledge at a later time? 

  11. Having completed this course in about three months, studying and applying it full-time, I can say how effective it is – INCREDIBLY!!

    I’m still honing my site now after almost two years, but without this course, I never would have come CLOSE to be as effective as I am. This curriculum gives you SO MUCH to take in, and it’s really ALL you need to have a complete, well-optimized-for-SEO website up and running so you can go chase your dreams!

    Sure, there are many other little tweaky things that I’ve learned along the way, but without this rock-solid foundation upon which to build your own site, you probably won’t succeed, because you’ll see no return on all your hard work.

    I’d give this course 4.8 out of 5 stars, and that’s simply because I believe there’s ALWAYS room for improvement in ANYTHING.

    Take it. Study it. Be empowered. Your life-change is waiting to happen!


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