Wealthy Affiliate – The Pay Plan Reviewed

As an Online Affiliate Marketer, this post looks at the Wealthy Affiliate Payplan and reviews it

When it comes to Online Marketing, it should be viewed as a career change

Because the ultimate end goal of working online is to escape the current situation you are in

That could be a job you dislike or something else.

So when choosing to work online, you need to choose your venture very carefully

The best way of doing this is to have a self hosted blog, because then you are the CEO of YouInc

In this respect Wealthy Affiliate, absolutely fits the bill

It has everything bloggers want, it has everything affiliate marketers want

Best of all it has the ultimate pay plan which richly rewards those who wish to promote the platform

The Payplan

So lets look at the Payplan in a little more detail

Compare it to your current hosting payplan, or your current opportunity

It is shown below 

So lets examine it a little more closely because at first glance it can seem confusing

Starter Membership

As may seem a little obvious, this is just a starter membership

There is no cost for this and it lasts for 7 days 

As you would also expect it is restricted in terms of what access you get.

There are no commissions payable at this level

The Premium Membership is the best starting point

Premium Membership

Taking the top row first of all, as this deals with the Premium Offering

When people take the special offer promo of $19 then an $8 commission is payed for the first month.

From the second month onwards, then there is a $23.50 commission paid

That is paid for every month the member remains monthly

But when the member then upgrades to the Premium Yearly Offer, then a commission of $235 is paid

It is paid out every year that the member renews their yearly membership

As you will notice there is also a $100+ Premium Sign Up Payment made as well

Premium Plus 

This is the latest offering from the owners of the platform.

It offers a lot more in terms of content and also the commission payments are better


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Now though the payplan is shown in its fullness above, you will see below, the Premium Plus payments

As you can see above, everyone starts at Premium, when they upgrade

Which is why the text says $23.50 after the $49 Special Offer

But, should you choose to upgrade to Premium Plus Monthly,

Then the commission goes up to $46.50 Monthly Recurring

When the Membership is upgraded to the yearly membership

The commission is then $465 Yearly recurring

There is also a $200+ Premium Plus Sign Up

You will see from the above, that it starts to get Extremely lucrative

Compare that to the current commission payments you are receiving.

You begin to see why the bigger picture is very lucrative.

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