Wealthy Affiliate The Recommended Host For Bloggers

Wealthy Affiliate The Recommended Host For Bloggers

If you are a blogger and unhappy with your current hosting provider and have been looking at Wealthy Affiliate

This post will explain why its the Recommended Host for Bloggers.

7 Day Free Trial

The great thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you get a 7 day free trial

This is more than enough time for you to see if you like the platform

At the end of the 7 day trial, then you move over to the Premium Membership

The Premium Membership

Included within the Premium Membership is

  1. An Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course.

This shows you how to correctly set up and get your first blog indexed in the search engines

2 .An Affiliate Bootcamp

This is for all affiliate marketers, regardless of experience

3. WordPress Training

WordPress can be an absolute minefield

But the training within Wealthy Affiliate guides you through this, with ease

4. Social Media Training

Again, Social Media for some can be a nightmare

Which platform do you use, which one is best for you, why do you even need social media

All these questions and more are answered within the walls of Wealthy Affiliate


As regards the hosting, well you can’t get any better than this platform

Why is that?

Because, it uses the Amazon S3 Larger hosting

What that means is this …

Your website will load faster than a lot of other hosts

If you are a professional blogger, then you will know that load time is crucial

From a personal perspective and having used 3 other WordPress platforms

All of them gave me issues and problems

Heck one of them even cause my entire website to crash and then said

“It was my fault”

There are no issues like that with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

A back up is kept of your website at all time, by the support section

That is included in the price of premium.

The price for Premium is $359 yearly

Blogging is Big Business

Blogging is big business and its an industry which has made more people millionaires than any other

So for that reason, as a professional blogger, you need to know your blog is safe hands

Take a look at the picture below

And as if to provide further proof of the pudding look at the picture below

From personal experience of using this platform, I have not had any issues in the 3 years I have used it so far

Your Website Is Always Awake

Unlike any other hosting platform in the world, Wealthy Affiliate offers you Double Hosting

Whats this means is that should your website go down, for any reason

Then the mirror version of your website is instantly put in its place

In hosting terms, this is unparalleled in the industry

Hosting Security Done Right

As with all technology and especially WordPress, things can go wrong.

WordPress is one of the most hackable platforms in cyberspace.

From personal experience of bring with Bluehost and Hostgator

I have had this happen to my website

It is very annoying

Did you know that there were 27. 195, 190 Blocked hacked attempts last year

This is because, Wealthy Affiliate has several layers of security that shield your website and keep it secure.

This means you have Full Redundancy

Compare with the Others

Below you will see some of the other names in WordPress hosting

Compare Wealthy Affiliate to them

You might even see your current host on that list

If you are not happy with it, or them why not

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