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Welcome to this blog. I hope you enjoy the content.

So what is so special about this particular wordpress blog?

The first thing is, its hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting platform ( you can find out more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the banner at the top right of this blog)

WordPress sites account for 27% of the Internets websites in one form or another, but in terms of blog hosting, well there is no better host than Wealthy Affiliate, at least not in my book

You see I speak from experience of 9 years marketing professionally online and having tried among other hosts



Pure Leverage

and some others

Now, each unto their own and the hosts listed above are all good in their own right, however, they all have one major flaw

None of them provide as much, or in depth wordpress training as Wealthy Affiliate Does. Absolutely everything you need to know about WordPress is contained within their premium package

I should point out here, that Pure Leverage is possibly the one exception to the rule about not providing wordpress training, because they do, however it is very very basic and nothing you could not find on YouTube. Pure Leverage also has a good payplan, which pays good commissions, however, to earn the serious money from it, you are reliant on those signups you introduce, referring others under them, so that you earn good commission from depth as well as width

That is a big downfall for most MLM people, they don’t want to do the legwork

Wealthy Affiliate

Takes the training one step further, because it provides step by step training on not just the basics of wordpress, but also the most advanced functions and options as well, so you really can’t go wrong.

There is no multi level structure either, because you are only ( I say only) paid for those people who you introduce to the platform.

Now that might not sound a lot, but you have the potential to earn a lot of good serious significant income, because of the commission structure WA have set up

When you see it, you understand just how its possible. To find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity, simply click on the banner located at the top right of this blog


Small Business Owners

Need a platform like Wealthy Affiliate, because online advertising starts with one thing &… that is a Keyword search through one of the search engines, like google to find a solution to their problem, business or otherwise

Through the Wealthy Affiliate Training, you are shown how to properly index your blog, so that it gets found, quickly, by the likes of Google and other search engines.

There is also very comprehensive training available on how to rank locally for your category, without the need for expensive and in some cases untried SEO

In short… Wealthy Affiliate makes SEO easy and understandable, even if you have never set up a blog before or done any indexing.They make it easy for you


The Training

At Wealthy Affiliate is, in my opinion, unrivalled and is the foremost authority on the subject. I can say this because over the past 9 years, I have brought a lot of courses, from so called ‘wordpress gurus’ and attended countless seminars on how to maximise WordPress, only to feel disapppointed and slightly cheated, because what was being offered, left you feeling dazed confused and totally bewildered

Wealthy Affiliate makes it all so easy to understand, to the point that even after a couple of hours training and with the help of a great Community, you are never alone

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about the WA platform is this. You are …


Your Own Boss

Yes, your own boss, with your own peice of online real estate ( don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense now, the training helps you understand it)

Working towards your own dreams and aspirations

For instance did you know Blogging

has created more millionaires than any other online industry

Is in the most exciting online industry of them all… Direct Response Marketing

creates a passive income which means you won’t be tied to the computer 24/7… Unlike others

Is a great list builder, because you can attach your own autoresponder to it, so you can build your list at the same time


Now By Building your own list in the area you know most about, did you know that that list becomes


Your Asset

Assets are worth money obviously, so by building a list in an area or on a subject you know a lot about, means that other people could be prepared to buy your blog from you

As an example, two very basic blogs have sold recently for a combined sum of $20,000


Hopefully as you have read through this content & enjoyed it, you’ll be inspired to start your own blog


Writing is a great way of earning money and it is said that there is a book in everyone, through the experiences they have had


But, while books need to published and then brought


Blogs are ‘permanently’ out there, and by having a blog on the Wealthy Affiliate Blog platform, your could get your story, or business ahead of the competition in as little as 15 minutes


Why not start now!


About the Author Dave Hayes

I'm Dave Hayes, and am based on the South Coast of the UK, in West Sussex Since 2000, I have been associated with online affiliate marketing, it is for me the most stable and secure way of earning an income in this modern world In 2009 I made the decision to go full time in this niche sector by sharing How To Info Products, with other Home Business Owners, that solve their business problems I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform for hosting, because they have excellent WordPress, Affiliate Marketing & Social Media training, which is second to none To find out how you can become a Wealthy Affiliate, with your own home based blog business, just like this and be shown how to earn a serious income online, working smarter not harder, simply contact me via any of the social media channels shown below

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