What Does a Matrix Business Mean …

If you wondered what the term Matrix Business means, then this post, will explain that

What does a Matrix Business Mean?

To understand first of all what a Matrix is, you only need to look at your own family tree and its origin

At the top of the tree, when your family first started, you would have the head of the family

Connected to him, would be his wife and then moving downwards children, cousins and so on

The Matrix moves down in a Horizontal and Vertical Line

So when you hear the term Matrix Business it means exactly like your family tree, with one exception

Instead of your family, there will be an initial distributor

That initial distributor, has to recruit a minimum of 5 people directly under him and ideally they will be of similar mind to him

Those 5 people, are then shown how to get 5 people and so on until there is around 6, 125 people in the organisation


Where would You Find a Matrix Business?

The most common or popular type of business that would operate with a matrix structure, is an MLM or Network Marketing business

Examples of these are

Utility Warehouse


Global Domains International


Any large, corporate off line, bricks and mortar business, such as your local council, or the emergency services


How does a Matrix Business Work

The way it works and why it is structured in a 5 x 7 organisation is so that for every person who comes into the organisation, they are effectively starting their own franchise Matrix Business 

They will be shown, exactly how to operate the business like the initial top distributor, be that a he or a she

By following the business plan and model, then the newer distributor will earn an income from his or her own efforts

They will also earn an income from the efforts of others in their team, who also follow the plan and model

By having a structured Matrix in place, it means that by following the business plan, then the income you earn from your own efforts will or should increase every month

On top of that, you should also be earning an income from the efforts of others in your team, if they are doing the same thing

As a result of this, then,  because the matrix is structured in a 5 x 7 shape, you will eventually build up a steady regular part time income that should grow exponentially month after month, that should take you to a point where it will be out earning your current main income stream from your employed work

This being the case, and with companies like Utility Warehouse and Global Domains International, then you will be earning a monthly residual income, which should be at least rising, but near enough guaranteed every single month, no matter what you do

Though having said this,  once you start the recruitment process, then that is something you may have to carry on doing, depending on how your own matrix is structured

For example: If you recruit every one under the sun, thats looking for an extra income, then the chances are you are going to be building a very poor team

Building your business this way is a bit like building a football team.You want people who are like you, so you & they can earn success far quicker than the first example

However, if you recruit like minded people, with an interest in MLM, then the chances are that they will be self taught and your own organisation will grow very strong, propelling you up the stair way to success, which is after all what you are looking to achieve

Are Matrix Businesses Good?

The Answer to that is this

If you build them the way the first example illustrates, then no they are hard work and you will become disillusioned and more likely to quit

However, if you build your organisation as shown in the second example, then yes they are fun and enjoyable


That is what a Matrix Business Means

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