What Does Affiliate Marketing Mean

What does Affiliate Marketing mean

The simple answer to that question is this

You find a product or service you like and have belief in, enough belief to want to promote it, so by doing that you


To that company, now it could be any company such as

Amazon (below)

It could be the Discount club you use



It could even be the health and wellness company you buy your supplements from

The blog platform you use

You like them enough to want to promote their services, this is the bit that’s called


Put the two terms together and you have the phrase Affiliate Marketing. It also means that you are an Affiliate Only and not Your own boss

This post is focusing on the online version of affiliate marketing

Those companies will even pay you commission for marketing their services, by the rules and guidelines they have, to others who have a requirement for those products or services


The World Revolves around your affiliations

Think of it like this, absolutely everything you do, is an affiliation of some kind

The estate agent you buy your House from

The car you drive, possibly even the petrol you put in the car

Where you shop

The pub, or restaurant you use

The football team you support, this is probably the most obvious affiliation of all

You get the idea

Affiliate marketing is a way of life, in much the same way as MLM, or Network marketing is

Affiliate Marketing is also, now, in employment terms, probably the safest way for anyone to be self-employed


Because it means that in the long term you are guaranteeing your security for sure, because you are in control of your own pay cheque and perhaps more importantly the residual income that comes with that

So that is what Affiliate Marketing means


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