What Does Ponzi Scheme Mean?

If you have been marketing online for any length of time, then you might have heard the term Ponzi Scheme and wondered what it meant

What Does Ponzi Scheme Mean?

In short terms the phrase means, that you are getting nothing in return for your money

By nothing, it literally means that you get absolutely nothing back in return for the money you part with

There are plenty of sites that you will see on the Internet, which promise you will earn a lot of money.

Gifting schemes are one such example and specifically 50/50 crowd funding which claims to be a MLM scheme

However the reality is this. It is not an MLM company, but a company where you pay a sum of money in this case $250

50/50 Crowd funding call them donations, which is a way round the so called gifting rules, as they stand currently

That buys you a place in a matrix, in this case a 2 x 2 matrix.

Once in the Matrix, you have to then sponsor or find two more who then have to pay $250 in which case you will receive money from other people who have come into the matrix

So, really all that is happening, is that people, who are on the surface and fairly desperate to earn money on the internet, are being lured in to the programme on the hope of getting large sums of money

Yes this will happen, but the large sums of money are coming from other people, via a networking method

It has to be this way, because as there are no retail products to buy, then you would not be able to advertise the venture.

So the harsh reality is, that if you really are searching for a venture online, that will earn you some serious money, then give Ponzi Schemes a miss

You will end up out of pocket, instead of making your fortune.

Not to mention the fact that when you venture into these types of opportunities online, you are effectively putting your name to them and saying they are okay and legitimate

They are Not!

You then become tarred with the brush of a scammer and online, that reputation sticks very quickly

To my mind, if you want to earn a fortune, then you are better off building your own list and earning money that way


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