What is A List

This might seem a strange thing to say “What is a List” but, when marketing online, your list will be the difference between earning an income and not

In case your still a bit confused, lets clear that up by explaining “What is a List” by relating it to a paper list of things to do.

When your working online, you need to capture a list of subscribers by using a lead capture page, which offers something for free, in return for the subscribers name and email address

Does this make sense?

Now that list, is usually held on an autoresponder which you will have read about In this Post

You need a list to market your offers to and to speak with, through an email, about marketing tips you think would benefit them.

As an online marketer, you will have no doubt heard the term “The Money is in the List” which is absolutely right and spot on.

Now with your autoresponder, you can have as many lists as you want, depending on the niche, or interests you have, there is absolutely no limit

After all, everyone has different tastes, so  what some one likes, others may not.

The Great thing with building and having your own list is this… Its Yours!

Unlike an opportunity, which you are affiliate for and you are getting paid to put customers on the companies database, they are not yours

So if the company crashes, then your customer base goes with them… Along with your income

But, if you have an email list of subscribers, then no matter what happens, you can start again from scratch, does that make sense.

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