What Is A Marketing Sales Funnel

What is a Marketing Sales Funnel

If you are a new business owner, blogger or maybe an affiliate marketer

You might have heard the term Marketing Sales Funnel

If you have you will have asked What is a Marketing Sales Funnel

This post will explain what it is and why it will benefit your business

The Marketing Sales Funnel

The Marketing Sales Funnel is called that because it is literally a funnel, like the one shown below

The advertising you do, is designed to initially attract new customers to your business

This is done using a special offer to entice them to your business

Once they are in the funnel, then a series of subtle up sells, will gradually convince them

That they need the other products and /or services you are offering

Each one costs slightly more, than the last

Each up sell earns you more money

For example:

McDonalds is really good at this

They offer either a low priced drink, or snack, but then ask if you would like any fries or anything else with it

These are what are known as the up sells, which work in two ways

The first way is to make McDonalds more money

The second way is to make your experience of using McDoanlds, more enjoyable

Both are designed to get you to come back for more at another time

All of the above are shown very nicely in the above picture.

So that’s McDonalds as one example, but how does the same principle work online

Lets take a look at exactly how that process works

Lets take the example of a blogger.

Blogs are a fantastic peice of software for want of a better word, to use as a Sales Funnel

Properly optimized, Indexed and with good quality content on them

They are in the public domain 24/7 365 days of the year

They require minimal tweaking if information changes

Perhaps more importantly…. a self hosted blog is owned by you

Marketing Campaign

You put together a marketing campaign for your target market.

You have good quality content on your blog, so that your reader can get to know like and trust you

At the bottom of your pages or on your side bar perhaps

You will have either lead magnets or an enticing call to action

which is going to solve your readers business issue

So one they are inside your funnel and on your autoresponder list

You can then address their initial issue, but at the same time

Sell a solution to that problem

Once that is done and through the resulting messages they receive

Which build up the Know Like and Trust

Once you have that, then as long as you continue to build the relationship

Your customer will buy the rest of your funnel from you

Especially if your funnel is structured in such as a way that they have to

For example a five part funnel, means that each part, needs the others

To Both Solve the initial business problem, but then allow the owner to scale and grow

That is what a marketing Funnel is

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