What Is An Autoresponder?

You might have heard the term before, but not really know what it means

An Autoresponder is a peice of software, a very under rated peice of software in my eyes, because it can halve your marketing time

Before that is explained further, lets just answer the question first of all

An Auto Responder as explained above is a piece of software that Responds Automatically to your clients, by sending out messages on your behalf to them.

Have you heard of AWeber?

They are an AutoResponder service provider.

Equally so are Mailchimp, GetResponse and MailerLite

All of them do the same basic job, send messages out to your clients for you

How Does It Work

The Autoresponder works like this. When you subscribe to a blog like this, to get more information

You then receive an email notification, asking you to confirm that you are asking for the information

On confirming your request, you then receive a series of messages, usually starting immediately, then every other day

The Autoresponder can do, quite literally thousands of presentations on your behalf, 24/7/365…even while you sleep.

Time Saving

One of the great benefits of an Autoresponder, is that it saves you time

How it does that is like this .

Imagine you have a business, which lots of people want to know about

But because there is only you, you can only do one presentation at a time

Your autoresponder however, can do literally thousands at a time

It even does them while you are sleeping

It makes  sales, while you are asleep.

This blog uses TrafficWave

That is what an Autoresponder is and does.

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