What is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

When it comes to blogging or article writing online, then getting that article found is pretty important

For most writers, their articles, usually start with a google search for a phrase, followed by the creation of an article or post, if that phrase is shown on the first page of google

But, how, as a writer would you feel, if you had access to a keyword research tool, which kept you ahead of the competition

Which is what the Jaaxy Keyword Tool will and does do for you

What is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

It is a very powerful keyword research tool, that will keep you ahead of the competition, not just in your niche, but in any niche you choose to work in, or clients that engage you to work for them.

So lets take a closer look at this really powerful tool, which is going to transform, not just your business, but anyones business

First of all, the platform was developed for affiliate marketers, by affiliate marketers, so before you even begin, you know that you have the advantage over the competition, especially when you consider that, there are over 500 million brand new search terms, being looked for every single day. So its important, that you have a keyword tool, which provides you with as accurate and relevant search as you can possibly get, once you have typed your phrase into google initially

Jaaxy gives you that head start.

It will let you, dig deeper than that initial google search, so you can discover new, unique and untapped hot keywords, which will let you drive your PPC and SEO campaigns to new heights


What you may not know, as an affiliate marketer, is that though you may have chosen a specific niche and are quite happy with it, Jaaxy will help you to uncover, literally millions of related niches, that have either little or no competition for them

You see Jaaxy give you access to a specific tool called brainstorm, which is not available anywhere else, that allows you to use a brainstorm and alphabet soup feature, that give you an insight into those niches and how well they are performing. In other words it does the heavy lifting for you

It has taken the process of niche research and automated it, so that when you are looking for a keyword or phrase, you will be presented with literally 100s of awesome keywords, which will power up your SEO and PPC

So How Does This Help You?…

Well, as you might have guessed if you have competition, then the only way to beat them is to keep ahead of them, which is where Jaaxy comes into its own, because it allows you to legally spy on your competition and find out why and where their websites are ranking as well as insightful data into their websites data, construction, met a tags and other information that they just don’t want you to have

All of which, gives you a competitive edge

If you think that is good and manner from heaven, then you will be blown away by

Site Rank!

Site rank is an SEO dream feature. Why?… because it allows a you to monitor and track any rankings in Google,Bing and Yahoo for any website Imagine the possibilities that conjures up

This feature will let you trace any fluctuations and you will get notified when you achieve ranking metrics in Google, Bing and Yahoo

Without question it is the must have tool for every business owner, from affiliate marketers to bloggers, to Local Business and Merchants alike

One final thing that Jaaxy will let you do is source high quality top level domain names and the domain feature within Jaaxy, will let you find the brand able domains that are available

As you can see, the potential with this keyword tool is almost endless and will have your mind thinking of countless possibilities, let alone, it being your own Unique Selling Point

Using this you can actual help those who have websites, to turn their websites into an even bigger success than they normally are

So, that concludes this post on what Jaaxy Keyword Tool is and how it will benefit you


Dave Hayes

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