What Is The Low Hanging Fruit Strategy

What is the low hanging fruit strategy

When it comes to writing content for your blog you might well ask

What is the Low Hanging Fruit Strategy

To help you understand it in an easier way, think of Keywords like a fruit tree

The more juicier and nicer keywords are at the top of the tree

They also happen to be the most expensive and sought after

So you will pat premium price for them

But, the easier to reach fruit is at the bottom of the tree and is easier to pick

There are more of them, but they aren’t so expensive. There is less competition for them


Keywords are your Path To Rankings on Google


The idea behind the Low Hanging Fruit is to get rankings on Google and other search engines

Because sometimes with new websites, it can be difficult to rank with everyone going after the same word/s

The way round this is very simple and uses the Keyword search tool Jaaxy which you can see below


When you enter the phrase into Jaaxy. it will show you the score you are looking for as you will see from the picture below


Its from this that you can work out how best to formulate the content you want to write.

Ideally you want a score of less than 100


The Top Gurus

Now while this might fly in the face of what the top gurus say, from your point of view you get more rankings

More rankings leads to better and more traffic

Ultimately that ends up in one thing… More sales

The sales will come about from your user engagement and that can only be a good thing

So, if the strategy you are using right now, is not working as well as you would like it too

Why Not Try the Low hanging Fruit Method now

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    • The purpose of the article, is highlighted with this article. Obviously the Jaaxy keyword tool, will let you take that use to higher levels and keep you ahead of your competition.

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