What Is The Super Affiliate Network

What is The Super Affiliate Network

If you are looking for some more information on The Super Affiliate Network, then this review may answer some of the questions you might have.

Type: Video Training

Creator: Misha Wilson

Price: £37 per month

Website: thesuperaffiliatenetwork.com

Niche: Affiliate Marketing

VIP Membership : $2,000

Transparency : On initial viewing of website, you are not told an awful lot, except a bit about Misha Wilson the founder and creator

You are encouraged to sign up for  a $1 trial, which is at first sight, not too much of a great hardship.

Doing this of course will then put you on their mailing list.

Now this is always a bit disconcerting to begin with, especially with so many online scams around.


When you dig a little deeper, and, scroll right down the page, past the testimonials, right to the very bottom of the page, you see a link which says

Refund Policy

Its always advisable, especially with a non transparent affiliate only opportunity, that you are considering joining to check this section out first

So when you click on that link you are taken to the page below



Right at the very bottom of that page, hidden away is a link to their products

Personally, if you have to ‘hide’ your products away like this, then its either because you have no faith in them, or they are poor and you know it

Either way clicking on the link, takes you to their products page of which there are 5 Different Types

Basic Membership

Which is a 21 module, 3- phase “bootcamp” where you are taught everything from Mindset, Psychology, Email Marketing, List Building, Selling, Automation, Follow-up, One on One coaching with a dedicated business coach, and weekly on-going coaching every Monday night as part of their membership.

This monthly membership option is currently $47 per month until the customer cancels their subscription. This product carries a 30 day money back guarantee.

Note: This should be compared against This Course which contains 7 Modules and 70 very in depth tutorials designed to give you all you need

Premium Membership

Which is a one-time special offer during initial purchase that gives them access to a course called “Solo Ad Success Formula”, normally priced at $297, that teaches more in depth email marketing strategies.

This product has a one-time charge of $97 (no recurring fees) and is only available during the initial purchase as a special offer for new members only. This product carries a 30 day money back guarantee. Outside of that, though it is not stated anywhere, these types of offers normally revert back to the $297 quoted above



The Monthly is a one-time special offer the customer may purchase during initial checkout on the order form. Every month, the CEO Misha Wilson, gives customers who purchase this direct access to a monthly video newsletter (online) showing what’s currently working in his business and what they can adapt into their own.

This product has a one-time charge of $47 and again  is only available during the initial purchase as a special offer for new members only. This product carries a 30 day money back guarantee.

PRO Membership

This is a one-time purchase that gives customers very well rounded business training, together with more in depth marketing training.

They get access to everything previously discussed as well as more unique products created specifically for this membership, like “Authority Hacking”, “Systematic Profits”, “Solo Ad Success Formula”, “Magnetic Selling Machine”, “Push Button Swipe File Collection” as well as Monthly Immersion Coaching and weekly PRO Coaching where they bring their material to us to critique and make edits, as well as access to a private Facebook Group for PRO Members only, etc. The also get access to any on-going products we create at no cost (unless above the PRO membership level)

This product has a one-time charge of $2,497 and is only available after they’ve been in contact with their coach and have completed their bootcamp and mindset training.

Note: This is an expensive offering, considering that there are two more very well established offers available, one being 1 Recommendation and another which offers exactly the same type of training, for over $2,000 less both offer exceptional value

Maui Intensive Mentoring

This product is an exclusive Mastermind Event held in Maui, Hawaii. Clients fly out for (1) 4 day event maxed to 20 people per quarter. We help them in a very intimate fashion, holding their hands helping them build out their marketing funnels, webinar presentations, sales machines, emails and more. On the last day surprise them with a fun excursion where we’ll snorkel with turtles, whale watch, have a beach day, dinner on us, etc.

This product has a one-time charge of $12,497 and is only available after they’ve been in contact with their coach and have completed their bootcamp and mindset training.


Now, given that there are some very significant investments in the above products, through a series of upsellls and there is nothing wrong with an upsell

You might be wondering what commissions you are going to be paid and this is where SAN loses some more credibility and transparency marks again


Because on the terms and conditions page, is a section called  Compensation and affiliate affadavit. When this is clicked you are taken to a page, which reveals nothing about commissions at all, so you have to go hunting for it and it is to be found under the

Affililate Agreement link

Again this is very disappointing, because at no time, does it state, the percentage of commission payable to the affiliate

The payment date is around or about the 15th of the Month, and says that payments will be made via the affiliates private website, held with SAN

Commissions are only payable, once the minimum payment of $100 is reached

Further, if the affiliate has earned over $1 Million dollars and has not claimed that within a 12 month period, then that commission is lost.

In fact given the amount of digging that had to be done to get even the most basic of information to make an informed decision on,

Super Affiliate Network is compared to my 1 Recommendation below





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