What is Tier 1 Affiliate Marketing Traffic

What is Tier 1 Affiliate Marketing Traffic

This post looks at What Tier 1 Affiliate Marketing Traffic is.

As a fellow online marketer, and/or Business Owner, you know you website needs traffic

Without it, you will be out of business pretty quickly

However, when it comes to traffic you need to pretty specific with what you want

You only want the best type of traffic to your website

That traffic is known as Tier 1 Traffic 

Now believe it or not Online Traffic comes in different Tiers

Tier 1 is English speaking Traffic because it produces the highest buyers

Which Countries are Regarded as Tier 1

The following countries are classed as Tier 1



United States, 









United Kingdom, 



Hong Kong, 


 France & 


You will notice that in the main, the above countries are all deemed to have strong economies

All of them are also English Speaking and have consumers with high acquisitional power

So the chances of you making a sale within this Traffic Tier are far higher than another Tier.

How does This affect Your Sales

Well the most obvious way is that by dealing with Tier 1 prospects or customers

You obviously get to make more sales, which is the end game 

And once they have brought from you once, then they will buy again and again

Where Do You Find Tier 1 Traffic

This often askedd question, can best be summed up in two short words

Social Media …

Or at least, that is A route to go down

Its the most obvious choice, because of all the Major platforms available

All have Tier 1 Traffic on them

However, as discussed, getting Tier 1 Traffic is not enough

So while Social Media, is good for say Generic customers and the followers

Tier 1 Buyer Traffic is what you really should be looking for 

Buyer Traffic is people who have brought product similar to yours before

So they need no convincing at all on your  offer 

Now this is a list of tested and proven Tier 1 Resources

Its a constantly tested, tracked and proven to produce results resource

Updated Monthly, you need never look any further than this

One of things that stands out with this resource  is that it is not SEO dependent

So while you push content out on your relevant social media travels

The other reseource takes you direct to your potential buyers inbox

That in itself is a big winner, for you

So that in a nutshell explains what Tier 1 Traffic Is

20 thoughts on “What is Tier 1 Affiliate Marketing Traffic”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this important information. I’m so pleased to come across Tier 1 Affiliate marketing traffic, which I did not know before. This is going to help me to target right people who will could be potential customers. I am going to aim for Tier 1 traffic, and I really don’t have enough words to express how thankful I am to have come across such an important information. 

  2. Hey Dave. Very interesting article. I’m jus starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful for me. Obviously I do understand importance of site traffic, but to be fair I haven’t heard before about split by tiers. Thank you very much for clear explanation, it will be very useful for my business.

  3. Thank you for the information.  I heard of it when I was on another platform.  It shows that Norway is on top of the United States.  You always want to make sure if possible that you get traffic from Tier 1.  So what is Tier 2 do you know?  I always post on Social media too. How many Tiers are there?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this great article to know more about what is Tier 1 affiliate marketinc traffic, as I’m currently working on a niche site, I like to learn more about how to get more traffic to my website, and Tier 1 looks like will help any website with affiliate marketing to get the traffic needed to start making sales, I read all your article and it looks like it will worth give it a try, I liked to read the list of countries you shared and as you well said, these all countries are good economies and might be a good number of people there interested on my niche!

  5. Hi there, thanks for the info. I definitely agree that you need to gain the right traffic to your website, as traffic that is just being pushed from social media does not guarantee sales (I’ve found this out through experience). I have never really looked into email marketing but I think I may take a further look as the way you explain it makes it seem like just common sense to try that route! 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. Traffic is tough to get.  Getting targeted traffic is even harder!    I have worked hard to build up a following and it’s creeping up ever so slowly.   I can’t wait to check out this platform to see if I can get more quality traffic.  It sounds like a great service!  Thank you for posting this information.

  7. Traffic to a website indeed determines the success of a site, but the quality is also very important. I was not aware of the different tiers, but if you want to target the right market, then the aim would be to have the tier with the highest converters. It is very interesting that the countries that are in tier 1, all have strong economies. 

    Buyer traffic is indeed the highest quality of traffic and what you need to be aiming for.

  8. After building my website over numerous months I have found it to be a bit difficult to get the right traffic. I have the traffic coming through my website but not much luck other than that so I will certainly give this a go to try and help me progress further with my website. 

  9. Thanks for sharing the article. I haven’t heard of this Tier 1 traffic before and this cleared things for me. I’m very new in this business so these tiers were new to me. I will look into this more. But now I should go and get that Tier 1 traffic for myself by setting the social media account. 

  10. Thank you for sharing this post.  I particularly like the countries/economies that you pointed out as Tier 1.   I’ve also heard of Cash Juice and there are so many other options available on your site. I will further explore the site further at a later time.  It sounds to me like this is a great resource for information on affiliate marketing.


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