Where you can buy a domain name

This post explains where you can buy a domain name.

You will find plenty of domain name providers and some of them will supply domain names together with hosting and you usually get a slightly lower price for it


However, that said, it is more preferable to keep your domain name provider separate from your hosting.

The online entrepreneur training provided by wealthy Affiliate suggests using a provider such as


As the title of the site suggests, you pick up domain names, very cheaply, or if you prefer, affordably

Top Tip here

When you search for the domain you want, you will offered other domains, as part of a bundle. Doing this reduces the cost of the package

Make sure you take advantage, because you will most likely need more than one domain name.

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  1. I currently use Name Cheap for my domains, prices are reasonable and I find that it makes sense to have my domain name provider separate from my hosting, either website or email.

    The other advantage is that Name Cheap have been in business for quite a while, makes sense to me to use a service which has been around for so long.


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