Why do I need a blog for my business

Why do you need a blog for your business?

The answer to that is quite simple really, so more people know your business exists.

starting with Google as a search engine, followed by social media waay back in 2002, with Linkedin it has evolved into a global information super highway thanks to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Virtually everyone starts their searching through typing in a search term into Googles search box (below)

This then presents a list of options on the first page. Virtually all those options are some sort of blog or video content, providing a solution for the term you typed into Google

So, if you have a business, which operates globally and you have no blog, then you are going to be very restricted in terms of who actually sees your business, outside of your immediate locality.

Your business doesn’t need to be global though, it could be that you have the only local business which supplies a certain product and or service.

That being the case, you would want to have a blog to keep ahead of and above the competiton.


Now if your blog

Is properly set up and indexed as it should be, then the chances are it will appear on the first page

When this happens, then you have way more chance of getting more customers than your nearest competitor

You may actually get their customers by default ~ Now, isn’t that cool


Another Reason


for having a blog is this, people like to do research, before they buy or even make an appointment to see you… They even like to read reviews about your business, despite the fact that its highly likely the people leaving the reviews, won’t even be known to you the reader


Having a blog means that you can also incorporate your social media platforms on the blog, so that you can publish your posts to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Google Plus. You can even have a page for YouTube, if you have a product or service that you do videos about

YouTube alone has a wealth of traffic generated through and by it on an almost hourly basis

Having a blog also saves you time, because unless you have one, then you would need to do an awful lot of face to face meetings and a ton of physical networking, which, after a while can take its toll and leave you drained.



You can also attach a newsletter to your blog, so that people who don’t initially want to commit to anything, can have your newsletter sent to them, so they can make a further informed decision on what and when they should buy

Typically this way, your prospect would need to receive at least 7 emails from you, before making a decision.


So in Summary, that is why you need a blog for your business


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