Why have a domain name

You may well have asked this question 

“Why have a domain name”

Why do I need a domain name

There are plenty of reasons for it, but as you are going to be working online and are an individual, then its so you can establish your own 



as well as Building the very important factors, that are crucial online as much as they are in any walk of life

They are The…

Know, Like & Trust

So by having your own domain name and by that it means a domain in your own name, you give yourself a vital edge over the competition, espeically in an already crowded online market place

The other reason to have a domain name is this, You are building your own peice of 

Online real estate

As opposed to ‘just a blog’

Building yourself a peice of online real estate, happens through an evolutionery practice, especially if you are an authority on a particular subject, where your blog becomes valauble and of such value that people want to buy it from you, espeically if it has a good quality database attached to it

Having your own domain name, also helps get your ‘name’ out there, because it can be promoted throughout social media and if you are posting god quality content often or regularly enough, people start to take notice and then its a case of “Ah, Johns posted again”

Thats why its importamt to post good quality content, as opposed to the posting for posting’s sake, which you can liken in some ways to a facebook like to a comment, which encourages comments, but doesn’t get one, but a like instead, to show people ‘I’m still aroounf”!

What if your name is taken

This is a good point. First of all don’t panic!

It shows you are thinking along the right lines for one, so thats a good thing : ) 

The next step is too look for a variable of the name you want.

Now if you are looking for a variable of your own name and happen to have a popular name, but also have a middle name or are known by a nickname, try looking for that combination in a dot.com first of all

If thats not available, then try inserting dashes or looking for alternative variations of it

That is why you have a domain name

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