Why You Need An Email Autoresponder

Why You Need An Email Autoresponder

This post explains why you need an email autoresponder

Now, reading this, you might already have an autoresponder, in which case, well done for being one of the smart 4% of Marketers, who see the value and benefit in having one

If you have heard of AWeber, GetResponse and Mailchimp

They are examples of Autoresponder Providers


This post is not written for the minority percentage of marketers who do have one

It is written for those business owners  and newbies who do not have one

Hopefully by the end of this post, you will see exactly the reasons why you need one and you’ll be looking for the right one for your business : )

Why Its Called An Autoresponder

The reason its called an Autoresponder is because  it

Responds Automatically to those people who respond to a landing page like this

They enter their details and in return receive a series of Pre written emails with your offer

If the thought of writing emails that are designed to sell, don’t worry

The Industries leading email software provider, has a series of courses on this.

They show you how to start and continue

An email autoresponder, is probably your best sales person…


Well the most obvious reason is that it is the only way you can duplicate yourself!

Because it doesn’t sleep. It collects names and addresses for you, automatically

it handles the rejections that will come your way, that you won’t even know about

It will do literally thousands of presentations for you and on your behalf, even while you are sleeping.

It will if you have set it up right, even  close sales for you

But perhaps the very best thing of all, is this… as long as you choose the right type of autoresponder, for affiliate marketing, one which pays you monthly, then …

Every month, before you start work, you will receive a residual income, which ideally should increase every month. 

As an example, this blog uses a Turnkey Marketing System, called Worldprofit

which has a really good affiliate plan

Now, does that sound good?… I thought you might like it


The other great thing an autoresponder does for you is this. It gives you credibility

How… Because, if you are simply promoting list building, and to build a list you need an autoresponder, then it doesn’t matter what happens to your other affiliate ventures, because you won’t get known as a Serial Opportunity pusher

What’s that you ask?

The Serial Opportunity pusher is the person who signs up for every shiny new object which comes under their nose and then promptly decides to push it onto everyone they know.

You will have experienced this yourself no doubt

But if you have an autoresponder, you don’t fall into that trap.

With credibility, comes respectability, authority and leadership.

Those 3 things people follow more than anything else.

Time Saving

The other great benefit of having an autoresponder is the time saving factor it provides you with.

You see instead of having to work in your business, like most traditional bricks and mortar business owners do and to a lesser extent a lot of online marketers, who are not doing things the right way, you can work on your business, and that’s a far better way to do things

With an autoresponder, you can simply load up the messages you want to send and then schedule them to go out, when your not there!

This keeps your name in your prospects in box, daily, if needs be, providing them with great value.

So as you can see, this explains why you need an email autoresponder, for your business.

With that covered, lets look closer at

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need An Email Autoresponder”

  1. Hello Dave and thank you for this valuable information.
    I love the fact that you have been in this business for years and have much more experience than I.
    I have thought about an autoresponder for some time now which is how I landed here.

    I like the idea of an autoresponder making money for me.

    I must say, I am now convinced .
    I am still new to it so I would like to know if you have some recommendations on beginner friendly autoresponders.
    I would also like to know if I would be able to place then somewhere instead of having it popup in the readers view. I myself am not fond of pop ups therefore I don’t want them on my website either.

    I also read your “about Dave”. I wasn’t able to leave a comment so I want to leave it here.

    WOW. You are very inspirational my friend. I will definitely be bookmarking this as I know you will have useful information and tips that will help me on my new journey in online marketing,

    Wishing you the best in all you do
    Lee Ann

  2. Lee Ann, thanks for the reply and glad the post was of use to you.

    As for which autoresponder I use, or would recommend, in my eyes, there is only one to use, simply because it is a high commission one. In other words it pays you salary type income, while doing the donkey in work in terms of promotion for you

    To find out more about this, simply click the banner on the right, called 8 steps to list building and you can access it that way


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