Why You Should Build Your List and Not Promote Your Opportunity

Why You Should Build Your List and Not Promote Your Opportunity

This post explains why you should promote your list and not your opportunity

To some reading this post, that phrase will at first glance. look like a suicide note!

Yes, you love your opportunity. Absolutely everyone in the entire world who has a need for it

Should join it

It has got what looks like a decent pay plan, so where is the problem?

Why should you not promote it?

Well the reason is very simple it is just that, an opportunity.

Along with the potential issues that could happen to it

Now this is an issue that affects the vast majority of business owners

Who Market or work online

They promote their opportunity.

So as you will have read above  it is very important to not do this

One of the things promoting an opportunity only does for you is …

if it goes under, then it leaves you looking for a

New Opportunity …

which in turn, starts to destroy

Any Credibility you are hoping to build online

Because you then become known as a ‘Pitcher’ or promoter of different opportunities.

Very quickly you will find that your network of contacts will start to unfollow you

or not return your call or your emails.

Doing this also impacts on your ability to earn any income


There is a solution and a very good one at that as well

Because when you focus on building your list only

Then one thing happens. You build a list of like minded people

The one thing you will need is an autoresponder and some very high converting Lead Capture Pages

You will also need a system which works for you when you are asleep.

You see Building your list, then becomes the best passive income you can earn

Because when you are using an autoresponder and a turnkey marketing system

It will pay you money every single month

Like Clock work and usually on around the 15th of the month

Monthly Income

You see your list building autoresponder and marketing system

Effectively become your online monthly salary

Admittedly at first it will be smaller than you would like

But overtime it grows so that in time it will replace that income .

Add into the mix, that you can then promote offers to your list

You will soon find that your build up good credibility

Especially if your offers are related to either the subject you are blogging about

Or similar to that.

Avoids Attracting Tyre Kickers

By default, when you focus on building your list, as discussed above

one important thing happens to you

You Avoid Attracting tyre kickers and opportunity pushers.

So that is why you should build your list and not promote your opportunity

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  1. Hello 

    You write about Why You Should Build Your List and Not Promote Your Opportunity.Your article is so amazing. I am happy to read this article.promote yourself is an important thing. It increases your confidence.

    Thank you very much for an amazing article. I am sharing this article with my friends. Best of luck for you and your website. Keep posting this type of article. 

    Thank you

  2. I see a lot of successful bloggers using a pop up to capture emails and I never knew why they all do it, but now I know that it’s to build a list and then to send them offers later on. It definitely sounds like there’s a lot of potential for a reliable recurring income with a good targeted list. Do you have an autoresponder that you would recommend? I looked around online and it seems like they all require payment, are there any free ones out there?

    • Son, thanks for commenting and glad the post made sense to you.

      Pop ups are a great way to get targeted traffic to you for sure and can increase conversions by up to 400%

      As regards the autoresponder, well yes there are a lot of free ones out there, but the purpose of an autoresponder, as the post states is to provide you with a regular monthly income, which in time becomes your monthly salary.

      I use a system, which is turnkey, as my autoresponder, because it has a stack of incredible benefits and comes with pop ups too, if you require them. To access this click on the banner on the right hand side, which says

      “Increase Your Website Traffic” and you will get access to a very, very powerful system

  3. Hi Dave,

    Indeed, I too was shocked when I read your article title. Then I realized the truth behind it and it makes a lot of sense for me. Thanks for the informative and insightful article.

    While trying to model the successful internet marketers I noticed one thing common among all of them, they all build their list. As we all know, money is in the list. One of my goals for 2020 is to build my email list. After reading your insightful article I decide to replace selling with helping people on my list.

    • Paul, thanks for commenting and glad it helped you. In truth, if you do as Zig Ziglar says and help enough people get what they want, then you can have everything in life you want.

  4. Hi Dave,
    You make a very good point which I learned the hard way – twice, in two different ways.

    1) Way back before I had any concept of building a list, I had a complementary therapy business on page 1 of Google consistently – but no list-building mechanism in place. Duh 🙁

    2) Then a few years later, when I understood the value of learning the value of building a list I made the very stupid mistake of entrusting that list to my ‘opportunity company’. The opportunity was taken over (we found out literally overnight) and the purchasing company retained control of the list we had built and bought leads for. Of course they then started emailing ‘my’ lists with their new business.

    Never again – your own list in your own auto-responder is the only safe way (and download copies of your list too, just in case).

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark


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