Why You Should Have an Instagram Account

This post explains why you should have an instagram account




Now, why would you want a free instagram account at all, below you will find some reasons why, if you are small business owner, then you will see this


It is owned by facebook, which accounts for the fact that it has 800 miilion users, representing a 100% growth in just 2 years

Its easy to use, because it is a video based and operates through an app, available in the Play store


Probably the major reason you would need an Instagram account is for the… Advertising


Look at some of the stats below


Over <strong>70%</strong> of US businesses are using Instagram

There are <strong>2 Million</strong> monthly advertisers on the platform

Time spent watching video is up more than 80% over the last year

59% of the users are aged 18~29 years old

Instagram stories has a staggering 250,000,000 <strong>million</strong> active daily users

posts with at least 1 hashtag, get 12 % more engagement

An incredible 75% of Instagram users will take action after watching an Instagram ad post

Over 48% of all US businesses use Instagram to promote their business brand or product, thats a huge percentage

Its predicted that Instagram will top 100 Million users during this coming year 2018

and 35% of the users are creating stories in the form of video

So that is why you should have an Instagram account

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  1. Wow I didn’t know all of this. I have an instagram account but find it useless for my niche. Maybe I will reconsider. Anyway thanks!

    Ps: you have some code issue on this page with the code present twice in the middle of the page.


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