WordPress, How to Change Your WordPress Theme

This post explains How you can change your WordPress theme.

As you might be aware, when you set up your Blog, by default you will be presented with several WordPress themes, as the image below shows you 

In the example above you will see that on the left hand side of the themes area, is the current Rise Theme 

To the right of that, you will see an existing WordPress default template and to the right of that, there is a space to add a new theme if you wish 

Changing The Theme

Is pretty simple to do and the video below shows you how to do this 

The great thing with being able to do this is that you can customise your theme, exactly the way you want to, which is awesome

However, what you do want to bear in mind is this … 

Free themes, which are great for starting out with, usually come with restricted support

Restricted support when it comes to WordPress, is not a good idea

Whereas Premium Themes, which this Rise theme, by Thrive Themes is an example of, allow you to do far more and provide a better level of support. Thrive Themes support is excellent. 

But that is how you change the theme in your wordpress admin area

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