WordPress Plugins

Google and other search engines, love WordPress Blogs


Specifically they love the Self Hosted WordPress blogs, because they are usually found to have quality content on them, Google loves Quality Content


The search engines also love quick loading WordPress Sites and one of the factors in whether your site loads slow or quickly is determined by the number of plugins you have




When it comes to installing plugins and if you are very new to WordPress, then you are advised to keep the number of Plugins to 5, or Lower


The reason for this, as you may discover, if you haven’t already, is that its very easy to install every plugin known to man


What you have to bear in mind is this. Your Blog is Your online office, much the same as if you were to open up an office in your local town. You find you need different bits of furniture to make your office run smoothly


Plugins are your online furniture



You need different plugins at different times


The important thing to remember here is that as long as they are


Compatible with your WordPress Theme.




Updated when it was last updated


Downloads The number of downloads it has had


Strategic ( needed)









If all those criteria get met, then generally speaking you should have no problem at all


Certainly you will find yourself going over 5!


Four Major Areas To Looks For When Deciding To Add A Plugin To Your Website.


Does it


load lots of scripts, styles, or other assets?


add extra database queries to each page?


perform complex operations?


perform remote requests, like to external APIs?


Plugins, are great because they add features and functionality to your site, so that no matter what theme you install, the functionality of the site remains the same


How many time have you added a plugin only to find that the functionality of your site, is not as free flowing as it was before hand


So, ultimately, this impacts on Site Speed and causes you frustration



Yes… You can relate to that!!!


Plugins also impact on performance, especially, they have to perform external requests to make your theme run smoothly


Perhaps the most common issue with a plugin is this one


Not Compatible with Your Version Of WordPress


Picture this…


You are recommended to use a plugin, because it works for Joe


So you go search for that plugin, in your admin area, forgetting to check if its compatible with your version of WordPress, then your site promptly starts misbehaving like a misbehaving Pet!!


So ultimately, when it comes to plugins and people say too many plugins will make your site run slower, this is not strictly right or true


As long as they are Relevant, Scalable, Strategic and Compatible, then you should be alright