WordPress Themes

So, you have your lovely blog, with its basic default template in place with your host , but not yet ‘published’ by the search engines

Its time to write your first post : ) … But there is something wrong & No its not the ‘Hello World’ default post already ‘sitting’ there

Its the Theme… You don’t like what is already there, so its time to choose a new one from the theme selector

You have an ideas as to what you want to have, so instinctively you go looking for it, the one you like

Now while this is a good starting point, did you know that choosing a theme is a tad more difficult than that, because, the theme you choose for your WordPress blog, is among the ranking metrics for google and other search engines.

Did you know that Google has used page speed as a ranking metric since 2010. Its a fact which most other hosts won’t even tell you about

However, This Host has you covered in that respect and tells you about it right up front, which is very re~assuring

Anyway back to the Theme choice. You need to pick a theme that is lightweight and gives you a solid foundation and by having a performance orientated Host then you can speed up your page load by up to  48% which as you will agree is pretty good!

Performance Orientated


Performance orientated themes should be lightweight in terms of file size and modular so that you can pick and choose only the features that you want

So, what themes give you this. Below you will see the top 3 themes

GeneratePress which is a very popular lightweight theme

Astra which you can see an example of  what the theme looks like.

OceanWP  which is customizable, and offers lots of helpful free and premium extensions.

Previously, like many other bloggers, this author has chosen themes, which looked clean, responsive and been attracted to certain colours

But in choosing my theme that way, the blog experienced issues, which in one case was so severe, that the entire blog was actually taken down

It has been noticeable that each time this has happened and through using other less reputable hosts, than This One and even when the blog was switched to other supposedly good hosts, that those problems have been experienced

However since switching, and choosing this current theme, which is based on practicality and with page load speed being a ranking metric in mind, especially since Google plans to use page load speed in mobile search results starting in July 2018, it can be said that none of the above problems have been experienced

Its appreciated that this is only this authors experience, but it did seem odd that since switching for the last time in January 2018, these problems stopped

Now you might be quite happy with your own sites page load speed and theme and this post is in no way suggesting you ditch the theme you currently have for another, its just pointing out other options which may be more favourable to you

You never know, you might even be able to get your competitor to come to you for work.

Now lets move this on, just one stage further and talk about

WordPress Child Themes

Don’t worry to much if you haven’t got a clue what it is, or what they do, all will be revealed below

A Child Theme is a theme, that you attach on top of an existing WordPress theme

If you want to make changes, or tweaks to your existing WordPress theme, then you should consider using a Child Theme

Why Would You want to Use a Child Theme

Thats best explained this way, You put a lot of work into your online business blog, to get it looking the way you like and performing the way you want it too

But, say the author makes a tweak to the theme, or the site crashes, as can happen with some wordpress sites, that are not hosted Here then suddenly your site looks completely different to the way it should.


Where Can You Find The Best Child Theme

Now, that is a very good question, which you will be pleased to know that there is an answer right here

Obviously in keeping with the name of this site WP Reviews, extensive research and testing has been carried out to find the best child theme possible

Without any shadow of doubt this is the best Provider of them and elsewhere on this site you will find a video, which explains exactly how to install it

How good is the Theme?… Well this site is using it right now and it didn’t take that long to set up.

Now, on the subject of Child Themes, they run best when they are on the

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework is a robust WordPress Theme, which acts as a platform that your WordPress Site can be created.

The framework allows you to integrate all the SEO, security and performance features, to give you the best site possible.