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Now if you are looking at Worldprofit, as a marketing system and wondering does it work, then you are in the right place, because this post will give you enough information for you to make an informed decision, if you are looking at it, as to whether you should pursue it or not

One of the first things you should know about Worldprofit is that it is a very proud member of the Canadian Better Business Bureau and has been, almost since its inception, which is now 24 years ago

Which means for any business online to survive that long, then it has to be doing something right

Worldprofit was founded by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, who are two of the most trusted online business owners you could wish to meet and deal with, in fact, it could be said that Worldprofit might even be the first and longest surviving online marketing company of its kind

It will provide you with all the tools you need to market online, this includes a step by step plan as to how exactly to do it and when that plan is followed… You will earn money

It is an entrepreneurs dream and its not stating the case too much to say, that a lot of online marketers, quite possibly do not realise exactly what sort of real estate they have in their hands, but more on that later

Lets look a bit closer at the incredible offer on the table, which because there is so much of it, won’t be covered in this post, but over a series of posts.

First of all, Worldprofit has 3 membership levels, which are …

Free ( Associate Member)

Silver Membership

Platinum Membership

The Free, Associate membership, allows you to join for free and as you would expect from a free level, gives you a taster of what Worldprofit will do for you

Though it has to be said, the taster, is absolutely nothing compared to what you experience on becoming a silver or even a platinum member ( but more on that later)

As a free member, you are given some free promotional links,  a subscription to the Worldprofit newsletter and access to 20+ traffic sources, where you can promote using the links you are given, so that you can start to build your own downline.

One of the major benefits of being a member of Worldprofit is that the traffic sources they use and you get to use them yourself, are some of the most high powered and tested traffic sources around, so you know you are getting the best bang for your buck

“Traffic Exchanges”

Traffic Exchanges, have an absolutely terrible reputation with the majority of online marketers, but this is mainly because they are either using the wrong ones, or they don’t know how to use them… Or a combination of the latter two examples

Worldprofit, provides you with access to the worlds best high traffic sources, which are tested ad proven to work, as well as providing you with training in how to use them.

Once you learn this, then you like the rest of the traffic exchange users, will come to love them and know that they can be a great time saver, yes thats right a time saver, where you can simply apply credits you get from referrals to your website and so you don’t have to surf


The same can be applied to safelists as well. It is well known that the marketers who have the biggest lists, have built them using safelists and solo ads, as a member of Worldprofit, you can access to those mailers which are known to produce results for you on a daily basis

It is quite something else watching your list fill with referrals on a regular basis

It is on another level entirely when you get notified that a lead has brought either a product from you and you wak up to a commission notification… Very often this can happen while your sleeping

Now you might have read elsewhere on the internet that this may happen with your current opportunity and that you may not have experienced that…. With Worldprofit, it happens regularly.

“Associate Membership”

The Associate membership, which this part of the blog, refers to, is absolutely ideal in terms of dipping your toe in the water, for the first time especially if you are just starting out online, because it will give you the absolute basics in terms of what you need to do

What you can be certain of is this, that by starting with the associate membership, you will very soon learn that marketing online, is a proper business and how much fun it can be

2 thoughts on “Worldprofit Does It Work”

    • Thanks for the comment Norman, I appreciate it and without doubt, Worldprofit will show you how to build the most important asset you have online, which will pay you an income not just every month, but in time, on autopilot, for life and that is your list

      They take all the guess work out of where to promote, by showing you and if you own a blog as well, will also provide you with tools to get a lot more visitors to your blog than you do now
      It is a very exciting venture


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